Is there a Reason that Prosecco Gives People Headaches?

So you’ve heard a rumor that Prosecco gives the worst headaches. How do you prevent them? Is there a wine similar to Prosecco that doesn’t give you headaches? Let’s get into the specifics of why Prosecco results in headaches, with tips and tricks that can help!   Is Prosecco giving the worst hangovers? Prosecco is… Continue reading Is there a Reason that Prosecco Gives People Headaches?

Riesling vs. Prosecco

Riesling and Prosecco are both white wines. Riesling originates from Germany, and Prosecco originates from Italy. Prosecco is sparkling wine, and Riesling is generally a still wine. Note that Prosecco is not Champagne because it doesn’t meet the requirements, notably, being made in the region of Champagne. In addition, riesling can be sweet or dry,… Continue reading Riesling vs. Prosecco

Prosecco vs. Champagne

Prosecco and Champagne are sparkling wines from Europe that are sometimes confused with each other. However, Champagne is French, and Prosecco is their Italian neighbor, and that’s the least of their differences. They have different flavors, brewing methods, and prices. Both wines make the signature “pop!” when opened, though, so they can be substituted for… Continue reading Prosecco vs. Champagne

Moscato Vs. Prosecco

Moscato vs. Prosecco might be an easy choice because Prosecco is one of the driest white wines available, which doesn’t appeal to everyone. It’s also a well-loved and protected wine in Italy, where Moscato isn’t nearly as popular. However, Moscato is best with sweet desserts, whereas Prosecco is best paired with savory main dishes. What… Continue reading Moscato Vs. Prosecco