Crumbled Cork Wine Bottle

You have a bottle of wine that’s ready to be opened. You try to open it with a corkscrew, but suddenly it crumbles. Does this mean the wine is bad? Or worse, can the cork pieces make you sick? The good news, if you separate the wine from the pieces, it will still be ok.… Continue reading Crumbled Cork Wine Bottle

Coravin 5 vs. 6

Okay, we’re starting to get into wine preservation, one of the most important aspects of enjoying wine. After all, wine is no good if it isn’t preserved correctly. Fortunately, Coravin, a Massachusetts-based company, produces excellent preservation models. But how can you choose which one is best for you?   How can you choose which Coravin… Continue reading Coravin 5 vs. 6

Best Built-In Wine Fridge

The Kalamera 45 Bottle 24” Built-In Or Freestanding Wine Cooler/Refrigerator was rated as one of the best overall built-in wine fridges for 2021. One highlighted feature is its two different temperature zones created for cooling white and red wines at their optimal temperatures. Storing red and white wines at different temperatures will help each to… Continue reading Best Built-In Wine Fridge

Coravin 3 vs 6: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Coravin is a company founded in 2011 that creates wine preservation devices. These devices, also known as Coravin models, are devices that attach to the wine bottle allowing a smooth pour without removing the cork.  The product in itself is very popular within the wine community, but which model is a better fit for you?… Continue reading Coravin 3 vs 6: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

When to Decant Wine?

Decanting wine is a process to use when separating sediments from your wine. Mostly common in older red wines, the art of decanting has been around for decades. Decanting wine is a practice usually done before a meal to prepare the wine for serving. And it can be done multiple times to ensure a sediment-free… Continue reading When to Decant Wine?

How to clean a decanter?

Some popular ways to clean your decanter include a variety of products and tools. One of these on-the-market products you can find online or at your local wine outlet would be cleaning beads. Cleaning beads are metal beads that you pour into your decanter with extremely hot water, you swirl them around, and they help… Continue reading How to clean a decanter?

Decanting White Wine

Decanting a white wine is rather easy compared to decanting red wine. This is mainly because white wines, in general, have significantly less – if any – sediment build-up than a red wine has. White wines create more tartrate crystals than sediments. These aren’t harmful. However, they leave an unpleasant taste and texture. Decanting a… Continue reading Decanting White Wine

Why Use A Wine Decanter?

Decanters are not only known as a fancy vessel used to decant your wine but also a historical piece. Decanters have been used throughout history for special traditional events by a variety of cultures. George Ravenscroft curated the oldest surviving decanter in London in 1673. Pieces of art like his remind us of the culture… Continue reading Why Use A Wine Decanter?