Sauvignon Blanc Sparkling Wine

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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If you are a lover of Sauvignon Blanc , then you probably want to try it in all of its forms. Now you may start to wonder, is there more than one style of Sauvignon Blanc ? 

You may be surprised to discover that this wine has a few tricks up its sleeve. So if you are starting to get eager to know just what this crispy white has to offer, read on to find out! 


Is Sauvignon Blanc  sparkling or still?

Sauvignon Blanc  is a very popular and well-known medium-bodied dry white wine that has its place on everyone’s wine shelves. It is usually in a still form with a certain acidity which is one of its defining characteristics. 

However, Sauvignon Blanc  is dry, so it isn’t one of the sweeter wines on the market and is packed with fruity aromas like white peach, orange, gooseberry, grapefruit, and more! 

Sauvignon Blanc  will also sometimes contain hints of herbs and a grassy aroma. If your chosen white has been aged in oak, it may also have gained some added creaminess and oiliness to the flavors. 

This wine has been around a long time, even when emperors ruled kingdoms, and it has been enjoyed as a still wine for many years. However, some winemakers have tried to create new variants of the wine, and this has led to the creation of sparkling Sauvignon Blanc . 


Can you get sparkling Sauvignon Blanc ?

Luckily, the answer to this frequently asked question is yes! Although it isn’t well known, there are many options for sparkling Sauvignon Blanc  wines. One of the more popular ones is the Steininger Sauvignon Blanc  Reserve from the Austrian Steininger vineyards. 

With a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc  like this one, you get all the aromas and flavors you enjoy in a more vibrant and explosive form. The fizzy bubbles only enhance the great characteristics of this delicious wine. 

You can still notice the subtle hints of different flavors, with some being more expressive than in still Sauvignon Blanc . If you are already a fan of Sauvignon Blanc , then the bubbles will only make your drinking experience more enjoyable. 

Another zesty and fruity option for a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc  is the Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc  N.V. from the Steenberg wine estate in South Africa. 

This fizzy wine tends to be slightly sweeter than still Sauvignon Blanc , so this could be the wine for you even if you have a slight sweet tooth! Enjoy those expected tropical flavors and aromas with a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc  in a bubbly form.


Are there any sparkling wines that are made from Sauvignon Blanc ?

As we mentioned above, Sauvignon Blanc  is widely available in still form, but it is now starting to be popular in its sparkling form as well. 

Any sparkling wine that is made from Sauvignon Blanc  will have it stated on the label, so if you just go to the white wine or sparkling wine aisle of your local store, you should be able to find all sorts of sparkling wines made from Sauvignon Blanc . 

The variety will differ according to your location, but if you do a bit of research and aisle searching, you should be able to easily find your favorite dry, crispy wine with added bubbles!


What if I want to make my own sparkling Sauvignon Blanc ?

Getting into the nitty-gritty details of making your own wine from scratch would be too much for this article, but getting it to sparkle shouldn’t be too difficult if you are already making your own Sauvignon Blanc . 

It is just the addition of a few extra steps. All you have to do is add a little sugar into your wines, then they ferment, then close your jug tight! 

If the yeast you have in the wine is still healthy, then it will go on to do a secondary fermentation producing carbon dioxide, which will lead to sweetness and bubbles in your Sauvignon Blanc . 

So, to sum it all up, start by fermenting your core Sauvignon Blanc  until it is dry, then add about 1.5 teaspoons of sugar per bottle. Depending on your results, you can also increase the amount of sugar next time. 

If you aren’t getting adequate results, then just play around with the amounts of sugar and yeast in your homemade wine, and you should achieve the perfect balance in no time. 


Final thoughts on Sauvignon Blanc  Sparkling Wine 

Sauvignon Blanc  is a favorite wine of many, and you don’t have to look far and wide to find the reasons why. It is a crispy, fruity white wine that is now made even better with some fizziness and bubbles. 

So, if you wish to enhance your wine drinking experience, we will urge you to look for the bubbly options of your favorite wines, including Sauvignon Blanc ! Once you try the bubbly, you definitely won’t go back!