Is there a Reason that Prosecco Gives People Headaches?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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So you’ve heard a rumor that Prosecco gives the worst headaches. How do you prevent them? Is there a wine similar to Prosecco that doesn’t give you headaches? Let’s get into the specifics of why Prosecco results in headaches, with tips and tricks that can help!


Is Prosecco giving the worst hangovers?

Prosecco is considered to be the wine that provides the worst hangovers. Scientifically, this is no thanks to the carbonation of the wine. Carbon dioxide in wine will generally make great adjustments to the way alcohol circulates our bloodstream.

Prosecco in itself can be harsh alcohol to drink excessively. Aside from those hangover headaches, it’s important to look at other hangover symptoms that often pair with these headaches in the event of a hangover. 

Other symptoms such as heartburn, vertigo, irritability, and light sensitivity should be taken into consideration when configuring a treatment. 

Whether that be self-care or medical attention, it’s always important to know and care for your body. That also includes knowing how much alcohol your body can handle before knowing when it’s time to put the wine glass down. 

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How do you get rid of a Prosecco Headache?

According to Harvard Medical School, hangover headaches generally can be solved with a little help from water, carbs, vitamin B, coffee, and any over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen – not Tylenol. 

Another important thing to do for your body with a ‘Prosecco headache’ or any other hangover headache is to give your body the rest it needs to restore your senses by avoiding physical and mental overstimulation. 


What are the tips for avoiding Prosecco Headaches?

To avoid Prosecco headaches, drink water before and after each serving of wine to stay hydrated. 

Also, be sure to drink in moderation and not mix any other alcohol when consuming Prosecco or any bubbly wine. It’s also important to get a good night’s sleep after an evening of drinking and start the next day with coffee and a heavy healthy breakfast.


How to Choose Prosecco that won’t result in Headaches

The best thing you can do to choose a wine that will result in little to no headaches is to simply not choose a carbonated wine like Prosecco or Champagne. 

These wines will, without a doubt, give you a headache due to the science of their carbonation mixing without the bloodstream. 

Although an un-carbonated Prosecco is available on the market, it’s very rare to come across and hard to find. So it might be worth also looking into a wine that is lower in alcohol content to lessen your chances of a hangover. 

Final thoughts on Prosecco & Headaches

Prosecco does give the worst hangovers, with the science to prove it. To get rid of a Prosecco headache, take anti-inflammatory drugs over the counter and stay as hydrated as possible. 

To prevent headaches in the future, once again, stay hydrated with water, and don’t consume an array of alcohol when drinking Prosecco. 

If you’re in search of a Prosecco that doesn’t give you a headache, there is still Prosecco (un-carbonated) on the market. However, it is rare and hard to find.