Chianti Vs. Brunello

Chianti and Brunello are red wines with a Sangiovese base, a grape variety popular in wine blends. Today’s Brunello is 100% Sangiovese, one of Italy’s rarest and most priestess wines. Chianti is also a blend of Sangiovese, but technically nearly any wine produced in the Italian region of Chianti can be called Chianti wine. What… Continue reading Chianti Vs. Brunello

Chianti Vs. Barbera

Chianti and Barbera are red wines from northern Italy. They’re versatile for pairing, so they’re a safe choice for most dinner parties. However, they’re equally dry, with wine experts describing them as “bone dry.” Their dryness will leave the wine tugging at your cheeks. Despite these similarities, they have many differences, including flavor profiles. What… Continue reading Chianti Vs. Barbera