Wine to Pair With Goat Meat

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Goat meat is one of the world’s most popular and versatile meats. Many cultures use goat meat for their signature dishes. So whether you’re eating Birria tacos in Jalisco, Mexico, or goat curry in India, goat meat can be a standout dish. 

Like any meat, goat deserves to be paired with a wine that complements its rich flavors. A lot depends on how much goat meat is cooked and its fat content. 


Which Wines Pair Well With Goat Meat?

Depending on how it’s cooked, goat meat pairs well with smooth and occasionally powerful reds. Wines with a good amount of acidity do well when paired against the fattiness of the goat. 

French Bordeaux, Burgundy, and GSM blends work perfectly with most styles of goat dishes. Another perfect companion to goat meat is aged tempranillo, especially Spanish Rioja. 

These old wines have a bold complexity and earthiness that perfectly complements the flavors of goat meat. 

Red wine being poured into a glass from a bottle - Wine to Pair With Goat Meat?

Do You Need Wines With Less or More Tannins For Pairing With Goat Meat?

Goat meat has a distinctive flavor that’s unlike any other meat. Wines with smooth and complex tannin structures work well to complement these flavors. These wines can have medium to high levels of tannin. 

Aged wines complement goat meat very well. When red wines are aged, their tannins soften and smoothen out, making them perfect for goat meat’s complex flavor.


Should You Pair Goat Meat With White Wine?

White wines pair well with fish and chicken. This, however, is not a rule, and sometimes white wines can make certain styles of meat dishes shine. 

White wine can be the perfect fit when a goat is made with aromatic herbs and mouth-numbing spices. An acidic and floral white wine like Chenin Blanc or German Riesling can be delicious for dishes like spicy goat curry or lamb tagine. 


Can You Pair Goat Meat and Rose Wine?

Goat meat may pair well with some acidic white wines when it’s cooked with spices and chilies, but rose wines will never be a good match. Rose wines have delicate flavors that goat meat’s richness will overpower. 


Which Wines Do You Need to Avoid Pairing With Goat Meat?

Delicate wines with little acidity and subtle flavors do poorly when paired with goat meat. However, like rose wines, sparkling wines like Champagne and Prosecco will be overwhelmed by goat meat’s flavor profile. 

Wines that are young, bold, and highly tannic, like young zinfandel or Syrah, can overpower goat meat. Their high alcohol and undeveloped tannins are best paired with a juicy steak or a rich, meaty red tomato sauce. 

Final Thoughts on Pairing Wine With Goat Meat

Goat meat is versatile and pairs well with smooth or powerful aged reds. Some white wines will pair with spicy goat dishes like goat curry or goat tagine. 

For roasted goat, goat stews, or BBQ goat, go for aged reds like Rioja, Bordeaux, or Burgundy. Avoid pairing sparkling wines, roses, or highly tannic young reds with goat meat.