Wine Region North Bordeaux

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Bordeaux is where many fine wine drinkers begin. Its rich and savory red wines, luscious dry whites, and sweet dessert wines charm people the world over. 

The region competes with Burgundy as a producer of the world’s most expensive wines. Fortunately for wine drinkers, many excellent wines from this region are affordable and easy to find. 

Bordeaux is divided into two sections: the left bank and the right bank. Contrary to their names, the left and right banks are more like the south and north banks. 

The left, or south bank, produces mostly Cabernet Sauvignon dominant blends, white wines, and sweet dessert wines. 

The left, or north bank, produces Merlot dominant blends and occasionally white wines. Entre Deux Mers is between the two regions, where both red blends and white wines are produced. 

A grape garden - Wine Region North Bordeaux.

What Wine Regions are in Northern Bordeaux?

In the north of Bordeaux, also known as the right bank, there are over a dozen regions, including the famous Saint-Émilion classification. 

Some other famous regions are Pomerol and Fronsac. These regions produce rich Merlots with beautiful earthy flavors and aromas. 


What Distinguishes the Wine in Northern Bordeaux?

Northern Bordeaux wines are Merlot-based. As a result, they are lighter in the body than the bold, Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines of the south. 

Merlot grows well in the north of Bordeaux because of the cool oceanic climate and soils consisting of clay and limestone. 

North, or right bank, Bordeaux’s are lighter in tannins and alcohol and contain softer flavors. Because of this, they rarely age as well as their southern cousins. 


What’s the Best Time of Year to Visit North Bordeaux?

Bordeaux has a cool oceanic climate that teeters on the subtropical. Winters are cool and rainy, with very little snowfall. Summers are humid and sometimes very hot. 

The best time to visit this region is in late spring, summer, and early fall, just before harvest. During this time, the temperatures are pleasant, and the landscape is lush and beautiful. 

Final Thoughts on Wine Region North Bordeaux

The Gironde River divides Bordeaux into the north (right) and south (left) banks. Merlot is the dominant grape in the north of Bordeaux. The regions in the north include Saint-Émilion, Pomerol, and Fronsac. 

The north has the perfect weather and soil for merlot. Bordeaux from the north is generally lighter-bodied and softer. The best time to visit the north of Bordeaux is between late spring and early fall.