Wine Pairing for Buffalo Chicken Dip – Surprisingly Good Choices Available

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Buffalo Chicken dip it’s an amazing American-based dish that is perfect for game nights or even just as an appetizer. So why is it called buffalo chicken dip if there isn’t any buffalo or bison in it? 

The dip originates from Buffalo, New York, thanks to the Anchor Bar – a family-owned small business.

Many people make the dish differently but hold key ingredients: shredded chicken, cream cheese, hot sauce, and some blue cheese crumbles. 

There’s an endless possibility of ways to serve the dish, such as with chips, over French fries, on pizza, and even mixed in with some pasta! Now to the biggest question we all have, how can we fit wine into the puzzle? 

Pouring wine into a wine glass near a candle - Wine Pairing for Buffalo Chicken Dip.

What Wine Goes Well With Buffalo Chicken Dip?

It seems more common to pair other alcoholic drinks like beer with buffalo chicken dip. However, we are here for the wine! 

There are a few different wines that you can pair with this dish, but the taste is up to you! Try different wines and experiment with what might be pleasant to your taste buds! 

If you’d rather not do too much experimenting, let’s talk about a few wines you can try the next time you prepare this dish. Oaked Burgundy Chardonnay, which is on the drier side in taste, is a good option to pair, as well as a dry, oaked California Chardonnay. 

If you don’t prefer white wines, many prefer a dry-oaked Californian Pinot Noir with the dip.


How Should You Pair Wine with Buffalo Chicken Dip?

When deciding which wine to pair with buffalo chicken dip, we have to consider four things. Not only is the type of the wine important, but also the style, tannins, and notes of the wine hold importance. 

If you are a spice hound and enjoy dishes like buffalo chicken dip extra hot, there are not only a few wines to enhance that spice but also a few wines to level out the spice – making the dish not so intense. 

Red wines aged in oak with high tannin levels will make the dish spicier to the taste, while low tannin reds will pair more smoothly, leaving you with a more calm flavor.


Is it Better to Pair Buffalo Chicken Dip with Red or White Wine?

Buffalo Chicken Dip can be paired with both red and white wine. What’s unique about pairing wine with this dish is not only will whichever wine you choose, you will get a unique experience and also have the ability to increase or suppress the hot sauce of the dish.

Are there any Wine Varieties You Should Avoid Pairing with Buffalo Chicken Dip?

There are a few traits to avoid when choosing a wine to pair with buffalo chicken dip. First, avoid wines that have high alcohol content. While getting boozy may be fun – it won’t be fun for your taste buds. 

Wines that have a higher alcohol content are likely to suppress flavors in a negative light. It’s also best to avoid any wines that are sweeter and don’t contain strong fruity notes. 


Riesling vs. Chardonnay – Which One Pairs Better with Buffalo Chicken Dip?

Riesling is considered to pair better with buffalo chicken dip over a Chardonnay. While both are recommended for the dish, Reisling’s low alcohol content is what makes it a better choice for the dish. 

Listed below is a brief comparison of the two wines to help you decide which one you’ll try first with the dip!

Riesling is a lighter white wine that is high in acidity and more commonly gives off a dry style but can be sweet as well. The wine has little to no tannins and carries base notes of lime, green apple, jasmine, and beeswax. 

The wine is known to pair nicely with spicy dishes and carries a low alcohol content, which makes it a good choice for a buffalo chicken dip.

Chardonnay is a white wine with medium acidity and little to no tannins. The dry, medium-bodied wine carries base notes of yellow apple, starfruit, pineapple, vanilla, and butter. 

This wine carries a higher alcohol content compared to Riesling, coming in at 13-15% alcohol by volume. 

Final thoughts on pairing wine with Buffalo Chicken Dips

Wines that go well with buffalo chicken dip are Burgundy Chardonnay, Californian Pinot Noir, and Riesling (Riesling being more recommended out of all listed options). 

Pair wines with low alcohol levels and little to no tannins for the best experience, both red and white wines are acceptable options. Avoid wines that are high in alcohol and don’t have fruity notes.