Wine and Headaches

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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So you get headaches or migraines as a result of consuming wine. You’re probably wondering, ‘what are some things I can do to reduce or prevent the pain?’ 

Or ‘does drinking wine help with headaches?’ – let’s get into things you can do to fight off these headaches and migraines!


How can you stop headaches after drinking wine?

So you’ve already consumed your wine and have fallen victim to a headache, you’ll find the most you can do is drink water and regulate a pain reducer medication of your choice. 

Let’s talk about what you can do before and during your drinking period to help reduce or prevent those headaches.

The most obvious thing you can do for your body when you hang some kind of alcoholic drink is to stay hydrated! 

Drinking water between each glass of wine will reduce headaches before your first and after your last glass.

Two person sitting in front of wine glasses with eyes closed - Wine and Headaches.

How do you get rid of a wine migraine?

For those who get really bad migraines when drinking wine, there are two things you can do in an attempt to reduce or even prevent the pain. 

First, brewing a strong coffee and consuming at least two cups before consuming your wine will assist in reducing the pain. If you’re in love with your red wine and refuse to have an affair with whites, look for a red that might be lighter bodied to try.


How long does a wine headache last?

Many experienced wine headaches after their first few drinks to hours after consumption. Wine headaches usually last no longer than 24 hours after your headache has begun. 


How to choose a wine to avoid the headache?

If you’re looking for a wine that might reduce or even eliminate your headaches, we hope you’re a white wine fan! White wine carries less headache-inducing properties than red wine and might be more tolerable for some! So it’s worth a try!


Does wine help with headaches?

Wine does not help with headaches, especially if that is what caused your headache in the first place. It’s said that there are a few different alcoholic beverages out there that help with headaches, but that doesn’t mean going to the bar every time you get a headache. 

There are, however, a few things that could help headaches and migraines, including the simplest of things like water, getting enough sleep, and most importantly, drinking in moderation. 

Final Thoughts on Wine and Headaches

Pinch the pain before it hits you. The best thing you can do for wine headaches is to stay hydrated while drinking your wine consumption period. Wine headaches and migraines can last up to 24 hours. 

Drinking more wine will not help your wine headache. Instead, stay hydrated (with water) and drink in moderation to reduce or prevent that headache pain.