White Wines Cause Headaches

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Wine can be a healthy addition to your diet. However, sometimes that delicious wine may be too delicious to limit. Nobody likes the ill effects of drinking too much. 

Excessive alcohol consumption leads to dehydration. This is the main reason we get headaches after drinking too much alcohol. 

Other reasons possibly include tannins, histamine, or sulfites. All wines contain some of these substances. 


Which White Wine is Less Likely to Give you a Headache?

The wines that are less likely to give you a headache have less alcohol, tannins, histamines, or sulfites. White wine has fewer tannins and histamines than red wine. 

This is because to make red wine, you use the whole grape, especially the skins. The grape’s skin and seeds contain the most tannins and histamines. 

Another plus of white wine is its lower alcohol content. Generally, white wine has lower alcohol than red wine. 

Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay ‌contain higher alcohol than other types of white wine. The best wines to look out for are Rieslings, Muscats, and Pinot Grigios. 

White wine being poured into a glass - White Wines Cause Headaches.

How do you Avoid a Headache When Drinking White Wine?

You can take several steps to avoid getting a headache when drinking white wine. First, limiting your alcohol consumption and drinking water between every sip will limit the ill effects of alcohol. 

An important step is to drink plenty of water between servings. Water will keep you hydrated and dilute the tannins present in wine. 

Another important step in reducing headaches is to eat while you drink. Wine should be enjoyed with food. Why not limit your risk of headaches by pairing your favorite white wine with delicious cuisine? 


How do you get rid of a Headache Caused by White Wine?

If you experience a headache caused by white wine, it’s best to stop drinking wine. Slowly drinking water, eating food, and resting will help over time. 

Why Does Cheap White Wine Give You a Headache?

People commonly associate cheap wine with headaches. The reality may, in fact, be the amount we consume. We are more likely to consume more cheap wine than expensive wine. 

Another likely explanation is that some cheap wines may be higher in sugar content and alcohol. After all, what works better to cover up an unpleasant taste than a healthy dose of sugar and alcohol? 


Which White Wines are Likely to Give You a Headache?

Consider staying away from Chardonnay or other fuller-bodied white wines. These wines usually have more alcohol. 

Another reason to stay clear of Chardonnay is that it’s sometimes aged in oak barrels. This may give the wine more tannins. So, if you have a chardonnay or sauvignon blanc, or any white wine aged in oak, it may mean there’s more alcohol and tannins in the wine. 

Orange wines may also contain higher amounts of tannins. These wines are made by fermenting white grapes with their skins and seeds. Because of this, they too may contribute to headaches. 

Final Thoughts on White Wines Causing Headaches

Excessive alcohol consumption leads to dehydration. This, along with tannins, histamines, or sulfites, can cause headaches in wine. 

All wines contain some of these substances. However, white wine has fewer tannins and histamines than red wine. Therefore, white wine is better for reducing headaches. 

Limiting your alcohol consumption, drinking water, and eating will limit the ill effects of alcohol. If you experience a headache, stop drinking wine and start drinking water. 

Cheap white wines may contain more sugar and alcohol, which may be the reason we get headaches more from them. Consider staying away from oaked Chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, orange wine, or other fuller-bodied white wines. 

These wines usually have more alcohol and tannins.