What type of wine is Vouvray

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Vouvray is a white wine made of Chenin Blanc grapes. These grapes are native to the Touraine district of France and grow along the river Loire. Vouvray varies a lot. It can be dry or sweet, and it can be sparkling or still. Vouvray can even come in dessert varieties or brut.

The wine can even vary in its color depending on how much it is aged. Dryer versions tend to be a lighter, straw-like color, while Vouvray wine that has aged loner has a deeper, golden hue. 


Where Does it Originate from?

Vouvray is a French wine that originates in the Vouvray district of France and is made from the Chenin Blanc grape. Strangely enough, Vouvray is considered Chenin Blanc but not the other way around.

It is technically true that the two wines are the same because they are made from the same grape, but in the Old World, winery wines are named after the region they are made in, so that is how they got their name.

Despite their nominal differences, the two are both popular wines from places close to the Loire River, known for their exquisite wines.  


What Does it Taste Like?

Vouvray wine has notes of:


  • Lemon
  • Apricot
  • Pear
  • Honey
  • Chamomile 


It is a highly acidic white wine with no tannins. It tends to have about a 10% alcoholic content. Of course, as we mentioned above, there are different types of Vouvray. Standard Vouvray is dry in flavor and very aromatic. 

Vouvray varies a lot, so while some Vouvray wines may be dry and bubbly, others might be sweet dessert Vouvray and may have no bubbles at all. The most popular type of Vouvray shares the same process as Champagne and is a brut or dry sparkling variation.

It depends on the taste of the drinker, but whatever taste you prefer, Vouvray has a wide range of flavors to fit your tastes. 


How Do You Choose a Good Vouvray?

Vouvray, as we have stated, comes in a wide variety of flavors and types.

A good start before going to purchase a bottle is knowing what type of wine you already like. For example, if you like still wine with a hint of sweetness, you may be looking for a demi-sec Vouvray that isn’t bubbly.

If you enjoy Champagne and sparkling white wine, you should look for a bottle of Vouvray that is labeled as brut and sparkling. Vouvray is also comparable to wines like Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. 

If you know how these taste, then you can easily find a variation of Vouvray that matches some of the flavors you can find in other well-known white wines. 


Is Vouvray a Popular Wine?

Vouvray wine originates from a very popular place in the Loire Valley of France, which is infamous for its delicious wines. Vouvray is among one of the more popular wines hailing from this part of France.

It is famous for its flowery aromas and wide range of flavors that can cater to any palate. Its different varieties can be paired with many types of food, making it a very versatile wine. 


Does Vouvray Wine Have a Lot of Acidities? 

Like most white wines, Vouvray is a highly acidic wine. However, its high acidity does not mean that it has high tannins. The acidity comes from the wine’s fermentation process and the age of the grapes used.

Acidity can make the wine taste more tart and gives the wine a more refreshing taste. Because of its acidity, Vouvray serves as a palate cleanser and pairs well with cheeses, pasta, and fish. 

Final Thoughts on What type of Wine is Vouvray

Vouvray is a versatile French wine loved by many, with flavors ranging from dry to dessert wines. The Loire Valley of France is famous for its wine, and Vouvray is one of the most popular.

It serves as a perfect palate cleanser for starchy or fatty foods, like cheese, fish, or pasta, and provides delicate, floral aromas. Whether you are pairing it with a cheese board or sipping it on its own, Vouvray is a great white wine for any meal or occasion.