How Does a Virtual Wine Tasting Work? And Why Have One?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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The pandemic set in motion a new entertainment arena for wine drinkers worldwide. I am, of course, talking about virtual entertainment. 

Zoom meetings, face-time interactions, and virtual meeting spaces have become priceless in the way humanity communicates and interacts in today’s high-tech world. 


How do you host a virtual wine tasting?

The first thing to plan is a time for you and your guests to meet virtually. Next, you must consider when the party attendees will all be at home, with a computer and the right labels for the night’s tasting.

Then you have to be sure you have your glasses poured, have them warmed or chilled accordingly, and ready with water to cleanse your palate. Your guests should have a sense of being entertained. 

Remember to provide snack pair ideas, possible cooking ideas while enjoying a label, and dessert pairs for the after-dinner-nightcap. As you go along, consider signing up for a virtual wine club, members receive discounts for tasting events. 

Woman with a wine glass sitting in front of a table and a laptop - How Does a Virtual Wine Tasting Work?

How many bottles of wine do you need for a virtual wine tasting party?

This really comes down to the audience of the wine tasting which will be attending. Will the guest have longer experience in drinking wines, or are they lightweights? 

Beginners, you should hold off on more than 3 to 5 labels for the first few times. This way, the event has some longevity, but the guests do not end up too drunk. Be sure to keep the alcohol levels to the lower end of the spectrum. 

If you are dealing with intermediate to experienced drinkers, you can stretch that count into the double digits. 

Again, though, on average, anywhere between 5 to 7 bottles in one night is enough to have a successful hosting. Again, the key is to have enough wine to last into the evening but not too many bottles that guests lose face. 


For how long should a virtual wine tasting party last?

As aforementioned, this is a matter of who is attending the event and balancing longevity with sobriety levels. When starting out with beginners, consider keeping the night to a few hours and finish with dinner. 

If you are entertaining guests with a better understanding of wine, then you will have the chance to try out more labels in a single evening. Water is essential to these longer engagements. 

Not only to cleanse the palates of your guest but also to help them maintain their sobriety levels. 


What themes can you choose for a virtual wine tasting party?

Themes for the night are dependent on the guest list. Are you entertaining colleagues and co-workers or new neighbors or acquaintances? Then a formal theme would be best to maintain a level of professionalism when drinking wine. 

If you have friends over, there are fewer rules on themes. Anything from movie-themed evenings to multiple course meal themes to board game night themes and beyond. 

Have a favorite TV series that comes out monthly, set aside sometimes to virtually connect with a friend and enjoy a vintage with them. 


What snacks and appetizers could you use for a virtual wine tasting party?

Here you must consider which vintages you will be tasting that night. You will want lighter snacks if you have white wines, such as crackers with thinly sliced turkey or shrimp antipasto. 

Then, have grilled chicken salad, fish tacos, or salmon steaks for dinner. Drier white wines like Zinfandel are a nice pairing for burgers and other BBQ beef products. 

If you have red wine, think red meats. Steaks, burgers, and even a salmon steak will pair nicely with most full-bodied red wines. Hard to go wrong with a bison burger, elk/venison steak, or good ole rack of beef/pork ribs.

Final thoughts on How does Virtual Wine Tasting Work

The Covid pandemic has been a time of innovation, and the wine industry has gone along with the tide. Hosts can purchase kits containing a few wine bottles, glasses, and tasting guides to help steer the party towards success. 

When planning a party, consider the guests attending, tasting wines, and other elements to provide an entertaining evening.