Vegan Chardonnay

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Let’s talk about vegan wine! I know what you’re thinking, wine is made from grapes, so all of it must be considered vegan. Right? Wrong. 

Some wine artisans add animal products to their wines, but what kind of animal products might you be consuming?

Assuming you have a strong stomach, let’s talk about blood and bone marrow. A protein derived from milk called casein also is a popular animal-derived agent used as an ingredient for wine. There are other ingredients taken from:

  • eggs
  • crustaceans
  • animal parts
  • honey
  • fish bladder
  • fish oils

Chardonnay specifically can carry vegan and non-vegan versions that are on the market. This is something to consider when looking for vegan wines in general. It’s helpful to find a few companies that value a vegan lifestyle and only sell vegan products.

Close up of the neck of a wine bottle - Vegan Chardonnay.

Can vegans have Chardonnay?

Some Chardonnay contains animal products while some don’t. Therefore, it’s important to find a company that is dedicated to creating wine for those who choose a vegan lifestyle. 

A challenge faced when searching for vegan wines or alcohol is that wine and other alcoholic beverages in the United States often don’t carry nutrition labels. So unless a company declares their wine as vegan, you don’t really know when standing in the wine aisle at the grocery or liquor store.

Why is Chardonnay not vegan?

Any Chardonnay often is found to carry casein. Casein is the main protein found in any kind of milk and cheese. Not only is this protein used for wine, but it’s also used in adhesives, paint, and many other industrial products. 

The casein does serve a purpose for wine and is often used specifically in white wines. It’s said that the protein helps to improve the transparency and clarity of the white wines while also removing traces of oxidative traits. 

What Chardonnay are vegan friendly?

When in search of a vegan Chardonnay, it’s important to turn to the company for any questions you have regarding the ingredients. See the list below of companies that curate vegan Chardonnay and other white wines.

  • Kris distributes a vegan Pinot Grigio. There’s an outlet for the company in Denver, Colorado.
  • Decoy distributes wines that are all vegan. The pricer bottles are said to be worth the money.
  • Newman’s Own Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are both vegan options.
  • Layer Cake has a completely vegan brand of wines.
  • Our Daily Chard distributes red and Chardonnay wines that are not only vegan but are also organic. 

Is any brand currently working on a vegan-friendly Chardonnay?

Many brands have already mastered a vegan-friendly Chardonnay, as listed above. However, the most popular of the brands listed above is Our Daily Chard. This is because its consumers are very pleased with the fact that the company makes the labels on their wines very clear. And the label states that they do not use animal products and do incorporate organic grapes in the mix.

Fat Cat Cellars is another outlet brand that’s entire wine variety is vegan. The umbrella company’s parent distributor Bronco Wine Company also has popular vegan wines under its name. There are many different brands out there that create all vegan wine selections and are widely supported by the vegan community.

Final Thoughts on vegan-friendly Chardonnay

Vegans can have Chardonnay, but it’s important when in search of one to always research the company you are about to buy the beverage from. Some brands are all vegan, some part, and most not at all. Most Chardonnay is not vegan because the creators use a protein derived from milk and cheese. This protein helps to clear the white wine, improving its transparency. Brands like Natura, Les Jamelles, Vigilance, and many other brands carry only vegan wines. Some of these brands also bonus by using only organic ingredients for their wines.