There’s More To Riesling’s Meaning Than You Think!

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Riesling is one of those white wines we’ve all come to love, especially for beginners in the wine community. 

The wine originated from Germany, which may pose some questions for those who don’t speak German, what does it all mean? Let’s jump into it!


There’s a difference between the meaning & definition of Riesling 

The definition of Riesling is to describe the exact meaning of Riesling, which ultimately is a white wine grape from Germany that holds not only a strong aroma but also fruity and floral flavors.

Two wine glasses near a shot glass - Riesling's Meaning

What does the name Riesling mean?

Riesling could mean one of two things depending on how you use the word in a sentence. Riesling could mean a wine grape grown in Germany or a white wine made from Riesling grapes. 


Is Riesling an Italian word?

Riesling is not an Italian word, for the wine does not originate from Italy but instead from Germany, making the word come from the German language.


Who decided to name a wine Riesling?

It’s said that in 1552, a man named Hieronymus Bock, a German botanist, was the first known person to record the name Riesling. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that many wines are named after two things, type and where it was created. 

To be exact, Riesling first originated from a place in Germany called ‘Rhine’ – whereas another name for Riesling is Rheinriesling. 

Looking at the comparison of the two words, Riesling is just a seemingly shorter spelling of its original name, which might have come to place when Bock was handwriting possible handwriting research.

Final Thoughts on Riesling’s Meaning

Riesling, basically meaning white wine grapes and definition including its German origin, the wine has seemed to be named after a man named Hieronymus Bock (1552). 

It looks as if the name itself is a shorter cut version of the other name for the white wine known to be ‘Rhienriesling.’