The Foolproof Way To Chill Riesling Without Ruining It

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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You have a guest coming over, and it is imperative that you present yourself well. Your guests are fans of Asiatic foods, and you know Riesling is known for being best paired with foods of Asian culture. 

Is there a foolproof way to chill Riesling? Yes. There are just a few simple things to remember when serving this fruity European-style wine.

A wine bottle in a bucket full of ice - Way To Chill Riesling.

Should you chill Riesling?

Most Sommeliers and other experts agree that one preparing to serve this wine should have it chilled between 45 – 50 degrees. Within that 5-degree range is the optimal serving temperature; Riesling is easily under-chilled, which could ruin the evening. 

It is crucial to keep in mind the temperature to get this right. With today’s technology, you can download an app and use a temperature gun or a thermometer to aid you in maintaining the correct temperature of your Riesling.


Is it better to chill Riesling in the fridge or with ice? Can you over-chill Riesling?

In a formal setting, this will show a level of professionalism one is trying to achieve to impress the boss, a lover, or whoever is being entertained. Remember, if you must use a fridge, do not let the wine be served at a temperature any colder than 40 degrees. 

A foolproof plan is to leave the bottle refrigerated overnight and then transfer the bottle to ice. 

Depending on the circumstances, a simple chilled ice bucket will do unless one desires to impress. This way, the Reisling can be further chilled at the desired temperature to the delight of your guests. 

Most high-end restaurants will use ice when serving their Riesling wines and dishes; best to follow suit.


How do you chill Riesling fast?

Plus, if you are caught needing to entertain at a moment’s notice, ice is your ally in keeping the wine at the proper temperature. Not to mention a pre-chilled serving dish pulled from the fridge/freezer, depending on your situation’s time crunch.


If I chill Riesling, then it gets warm, will it ruin the wine?

Warnings about using Riesling is that when it becomes warmer than 45 degrees, the flavor begins to break down, and the coloring of the wine will darken if not careful. 

Therefore, it’s best to plan accordingly. The warming of wine is used for aging purposes but is not recommended when serving guests for the day’s events.

Final Thoughts on Chilling Riesling

Purchase the wine the day before if possible, and find a food pairing. Let the wine chill in the fridge overnight, if possible. Do not serve under chilled. Maintain the wine temperature at 45- 50 degrees.


Use an ice chest, bucket, or display to help maintain the temperature of the wine throughout the night.  Do not let the wine warm above 50 degrees. It could ruin the wine. 

Chilling Riesling brings out the best flavor of the wine, which originates from the Rhine River that runs through central Europe and the countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. Riesling has a highly refreshing, floral aroma with a fruitiness to the flavor and an invigorating and crisp taste. 

The wine is famously noted for having an acidic, clean, and bracing pallet. Tasters say fruit notes within the flavor of the wine include apple, peach, pear, and apricots.