Sauvignon Blanc Vegan

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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You’re probably wondering why all wines aren’t considered to be vegan, and they are all made out of grapes, right? You’re right. They are all made of grapes. 

However, there are processes that the wine goes through that go against the vegan lifestyle. So let’s get into why not only Sauvignon Blanc may not be vegan but also why many wines aren’t considered to be vegan.


Can vegans have Sauvignon Blanc?

Yes, those who choose the vegan lifestyle can consume a Sauvignon Blanc. However, not just any Sauvignon Blanc. While this white wine is made all around the world, it may be worth researching companies that produce vegan wine to uncover what is right for you.

A glass of white wine put on a wooden surface,in front of a guitar and wine bottle - Sauvignon Blanc Vegan.

Why is Sauvignon Blanc not vegan?

Specifically talking about Sauvignon Blanc, there might be a number of reasons why the wine might not be vegan for some producers. White wines like this one often go through a process in which the wine is filtered to get a more clear, crisp wine. 

Clear wines are more visually pleasing, leaving the consumer happy with their purchase.

While many different elements are used to complete this filtering process, the most common is a protein derived from milk and cheese called casein. Sometimes, the wine is also filled through other products from things like fish bladders and oils or other animal parts.


What Sauvignon Blanc is vegan friendly?

Many of these white wines are being produced by companies that are either completely or halfway devoted to the vegan lifestyle. Listed below are some wines and their brands to consider trying as a good vegan alternative to Sauvignon Blanc.


Is any brand currently working on a vegan-friendly Sauvignon Blanc?

There are wine brands out there that are not just developing a vegan Sauvignon Blanc but have already created a vegan version and an entire line of strictly vegan wines. Listed below are some of these brands that have, like many, committed to the vegan lifestyle.

  • Wine Cube
  • Layer Cake
  • Bread & Butter
  • Seven Daughters

Final thoughts on vegan Sauvignon Blanc

Those who live a vegan lifestyle can indeed have Sauvignon Blanc, thanks to the companies out there who have supported and committed to creating wines that are strictly vegan. You’re probably wondering why all wine isn’t vegan at this point. 

For white wine, it’s mainly because winemakers use products derived from animals to filter the wine for a more clear, crisp look.