Sauvignon Blanc Sweet or Dry

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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You have heard all the hype around this wine called Sauvignon Blanc. You may start to wonder if it’s really worth trying this wine everyone raves about. 

You are probably also wondering whether this white wine is sweet or dry because you may not enjoy it one way or another. Well, we are here to help you out with the answer to this question. Read on to get a glimpse of what this delicious wine tastes like! 


Have a Preference for Sweet or Dry Wine and Want to Try Sauvignon Blanc?

We always recommend wine novices try a whole variety of different types of wines to figure out what you like. 

If you are a few steps into your journey already, you may already prefer sweet or dry wines. But, whether you like one or the other, you definitely have to try Sauvignon Blanc because it’s a wine loved by everyone and for a good reason. 

If the version you try is too sweet or too dry for you, you can always find a Sauvignon Blanc with a slightly tweaked formula that will be to your taste! 

You shouldn’t stop yourself from trying this incredible wine just because you like your wine a certain way. But was Sauvignon Blanc originally made to be sweet or dry? Let’s find out together!


Is Sauvignon Blanc sweeter or drier than other white wines?

In case you aren’t already away, the term” dry” doesn’t describe a wine that dries out your mouth. Instead, it is used as a measure of the sweetness of a wine. 

If the wine fermentation process is short, there will be a lot of residual sugar left in the wine, which will make it sweet. However, if the winemaker decides to leave the grapes fermenting for a longer time, there will be no sugar left over after the process, which makes a wine dry. 

Sauvignon Blanc is known as one of the original dry white wines. It is drier than most white wines and has equivalents like Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. If you have tried any of these two wines, know that Sauvignon Blanc will taste similar in terms of dryness, if not drier. 

So if you have a sweet tooth and like super sweet wines like dessert wines, then you probably won’t like the taste of Sauvignon Blanc. 

But, if you are a fan of other dry wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, or even Merlot, then Sauvignon Blanc has a good chance of becoming your favorite wine. 


How can you tell if a Sauvignon Blanc is as sweet or dry as I like before I buy it?

Most Sauvignon Blancs come very dry, but some winemakers leave residual sugar to make it slightly sweeter than it usually is. If you are looking for a sweeter Sauvignon Blanc, you can usually find this information on the wine label. 

Some winemakers will specifically mark that their wine is sweeter than usual, so you may notice it immediately.

If your chosen Sauvignon Blanc has no sugar, then the alcohol by volume (ABV) measure will be very high, and the residual sugar (RS) will be super low or even 0. On the other hand, if your chosen wine is sweeter, the ABV will be lower while the RS will be higher than 0. 

However, you should keep in mind that Sauvignon Blanc is most often very dry, so if you are looking for a sweet wine, you should look on the other shelves. 


Are there sweet versions of Sauvignon Blanc wine?

As with most wines today, you are sure to find a sweeter version of your favorite wine Sauvignon Blanc. 

The available brands will be different according to where you live and what your local store stocks, so there aren’t any specifics. Your best option will be to go to the nearest shop and check out what your options are. 

After you have seen what your stores have to offer, you can go home and do a little research on your found brands. Many websites will provide you with more specifics than what you would find on the labels and will probably be easier to understand as well. 

You can also ask the workers at your store to help you find a sweet Sauvignon Blanc or a white wine that’s similar to Sauvignon Blanc but not as sweet! 


Final Thoughts on Sauvignon Blanc’s Taste

If you are thinking of trying Sauvignon Blanc but are worried about it being too dry, you shouldn’t let this reason stop you from an incredible sipping experience! Don’t shoot down something you haven’t even tried yet. 

You never know. You may end up loving dry wines more than you expected. Each wine is unique in its own way, so even if you have tried other dry whites, you shouldn’t judge since you still haven’t tried Sauvignon Blanc. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Go grab a glass and try this delicious wine. You definitely won’t regret it.