Sauvignon Blanc Food Pairing

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Figuring out what cuisines to pair with your wines may seem difficult, but is the pairing process even necessary? 

Allow us to enlighten you on why it’s important to pair our wines with the right foods, and it’s all about the experience. Some wine and food pairs can cancel out the flavors of each other if paired incorrectly, leaving an unpleasant meal experience. 

On the other hand, the right food and wine combinations will enhance the flavors of both food and wine, leaving you with a more pleasant experience.


Looking for the perfect food to pair with your Sauvignon Blanc?

So you’re planning your next dinner party, and you’re trying to figure out what cuisine to prepare to match along with that bottle of Sauvignon Blanc you’ve been dying to enjoy. 

You might have a lot of questions about pairing in order to plan your appetizers and main courses. We are here to answer those questions and help you make an educated choice. Let’s get started.


What snack goes with Sauvignon Blanc?

This white wine goes along with a variety of snack-type foods, and some could even be put together to create a charcuterie board! Pair this wine with healthy veggies like green peas, bell peppers, and cucumbers! 

Try it with goat cheese, gouda, feta, and even ricotta if you’re looking into cheeses to pair with Sauvignon Blanc. 


What meat pairs with Sauvignon Blanc?

When pairing meats with this wine, it’s important not to serve heavy meats. Other meats to look into serving alongside your Sauvignon Blanc include chicken, turkey, crab, lobster, or even salmon. 

Also, since the Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine, you may find it pairs better with white meats rather than red ones.


Does Sauvignon Blanc go with steak?

No, it’s not a common pair and let us explain why. Steak is considered to be heavy red meat. These pair better with red wines. The flavor combination of a steak and Sauvignon Blanc might be unpleasant due to the fact that this white wine is considered to be light.


Does Sauvignon Blanc go with ham?

Sauvignon Blanc does go great with ham, and this is because of the amount of acidity the wine has. It compliments the ham’s salty flavors and goes even better with a honey-glazed ham. It’s worth a try for that next dinner party!


Does Sauvignon Blanc go with spicy foods?

Yes, but also no. This greatly depends on exactly how spicy your meal will be. Sauvignon Blanc is not a good pair if you are a spice hound and love to load up your meals with ghost peppers. 

However, white wine is known to compliment these perfectly for more mild spiced meals.


Final Thoughts on the food pairings of Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with snacks that include but are not limited to cucumbers and goat cheese. 

Try seafood like crab or lobster while avoiding pairing this wine with a steak. Sauvignon Blanc also pairs nicely with ham and turkey, perfect for that Thanksgiving dinner this year!