How Does Riesling Taste? Your Palate Will Thank You

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Riesling does taste very good and remains one of the most popular white wines in the world today! Today, we will go into more detail about the taste and characteristics of Riesling so that you will have a better idea if Riesling is a good choice for you.


How would you describe the taste of Riesling?

The first thing you will notice about Riesling is that it is very aromatic and intense. It is also a highly acidic wine, so you will also notice its impact on your palate – it is similar to drinking lemonade or eating pineapple. 

One aspect of Riesling that is going to be consistent is that you will taste fruit flavors. Of course, the specific fruit taste will depend on the ripeness of the grape, but the fruit is always going to be a hallmark of Riesling. 

A less ripe Riesling’s main characteristic will have a lime taste, and a semi-ripe Riesling will have a taste closer to a Meyer lemon. While Riesling is acidic – you will definitely notice this higher acidity when the grape is less ripe. 

A ripe Riesling will have a pineapple taste, and the acidity will still be noticeable like its less ripe counterparts. Finally, if a Riesling is very ripe – the most common taste will be that of an apricot.

There will also be other types of fruits that fall in between the four mentioned earlier, and the other fruit flavors that fall along this spectrum include nectarine, peach, apple, and pear.

While a fruit taste is the main characteristic – it is not the only thing you will notice when taking a Riesling. Some other flavors you may notice in a Riesling are honey, jasmine, and ginger which add to the complexity of Riesling.

The last aspect of Riesling we wanted to discuss is regarding aged Riesling. This has a distinct flavor because it is aged longer than most Riesling and will have a taste of diesel or petrol.

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How will I know if I like the taste of Riesling or not?

Riesling is a popular choice for a lot of different people because it is a very approachable wine for beginners and experts. It has a flavor profile that appeals to many people, but there are certain characteristics it embodies that might not be right for you.

If you are a fan of white wine with an intense aroma dominated by a fruity flavor, the odds of you enjoying Riesling are very high. 

However, some people may not enjoy the acidity and the impact this has on your palate, so if you generally do not like eating or drinking acidic things, then Riesling might not be right for you.

However, the acidity is not on the same level as something like lemonade or pineapple, so it is still worth trying for yourself to see if Riesling offers the right balance between the fruit taste and the acidity.


Is Riesling sweet, bitter, or dry?

The great thing about Riesling is that it can either be sweet or dry. A lot of the Riesling you find now is sweet because the sweetness balances out the acidity, which results in a great balance and wine-drinking experience.

However, a dry Riesling is also available and is a great choice for people who enjoy the higher acidity of a Riesling. A dry wine also has less sugar than sweet wine, so that is another benefit when it comes to picking the dry variation of Riesling.

While there is a sweet Riesling and a dry Riesling, there is no bitter Riesling. The good news is that you still have two great options, sweet or dry, depending on your personal taste.

Riesling is a very high-quality white wine, so it is worthwhile to try both to see what is best for you.


Is the taste of Riesling a nice wine for beginners?

Riesling is absolutely a nice wine for beginners! It is high-quality wine but also serves as a great introduction to beginners because the flavors are very well balanced, and the acidity adds to the freshness of the wine that is not overpowering.

We would recommend trying a sweet Riesling first because of the balance between sweetness and acidity. 

However, acidity is not for everyone, and while the acidity in Riesling is not overpowering by any means – it still might be an obstacle for some people.

Once you try a sweet Riesling, we would recommend trying a dry Riesling next. A dry Riesling is less sweet but more acidic, which will appeal to some people but not others. Whether you go sweet or dry – Riesling is one of the best choices for beginners.

Final Thoughts on Rieslings Taste

It is easy to see why Riesling is one of the most popular white wines in the world today – between the combination of its intensely fruity flavors and high acidity. It offers a great experience for beginners and experts alike.

It is also available as dry or sweet, so there is an option for everyone, which is another reason why it is such a popular choice today.

Whether you have been a fan for a long time or recently became interested in Riesling, we highly recommend this white wine.