Red Wine Pairs with Veal Chops

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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You have got the grill going, and a few people are coming over for dinner. You head down to the wine cellar and hold a few wines, forgoing the white labels. You find a voluptuous red wine that naturally pairs well with the night’s red meats. 

Beef, bison, venison, and salmon steaks are a treat with an off-dry medium-bodied red wine vintage. Beef and red wine are an obvious pairing, and it is hard to go wrong here. On the other hand, lamb requires a lighter touch, which has it leaning more towards the Rosé. 


What red wine pairs with Veal chops?

Like any beef product, Veal has versatility in the various ways it is prepared. Along with a side, this versatile meat has a variety of red wine pairings to go along with those dishes. 

When choosing a red for a beef dish, selecting a red wine that will not pair well is hard. Lamb has a different texture, thus needing a lighter red wine in order to not overwhelm the delicate flavors. 

Here are a few red wine vintages that pair well with Veal chops:


  • Zinfandel (White Zin for Lamb Veal)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Pinot Noir (Also good with Lamb Veal)
  • Hermitage
  • Tuscan Sangiovese
Red wine being poured into a glass from a decanter - Red Wine Pairs with Veal Chops.

What red wines should you avoid pairing with Veal chops?

Lamb Veal and Beef Veal are very different in pairing wine. Beef pairs with red wine, but avoiding Rosé until you are better acquainted with wine tasting would be a good plan. 

As for Lamb Veal, those light red wines such as Pinot Noir, Côtes du Rhône, and even give a Rosé a shot or even an Amarone or a White Zinfandel. 

However, heavier reds are a no-go with the Lamb because these cuts are delicate meats. Thinly sliced Lamb with a piece of good cheese and crackers could be a pleasant surprise for guests. 


Why does Pinot Noir work well with Veal?

Pinot Noir is from an ancient grapevine lineage. This red wine has a light to medium-bodied vintage with smooth citrus find and is lower in tannins. 

Pinot Noir has a bouquet range, from a fruitier cherry and raspberry to an earthier aroma of mushroom, clove, and spice depending on the geographical location and vineyard processes. 

This range, along with being a lighter red wine, makes Pinot Noir a perfect match for Veal, both Beef and Lamb. 

Naturally, younger beef cows have white and dark meats, which is suitable for France’s medium, higher acidic vintages. The wine provides an excellent complement to the Veal. It does not overwhelm the taste buds and allows full enjoyment of this delicate meat. 


Does Merlot pair well with Veal?

Merlot has natural fruitiness and pairs well with veal scallopini, so consider using the sauce when grilling the chops for either beef or lamb veal. In addition, some recipes call for Merlot wine sauce, which bodes well for the pairing. 

Otherwise, this red wine compliments beef veal with enough body without going overboard. However, it may be too much for the more delicate meat of lamb veal. 

Final Thoughts on Pairing Red Wine With Veal Chops

Beef Veal and Lamb Veal are two different animals. Beef has more versatility in pairing with red wines than Lamb. Conversely, though, Lamb chops with a light-bodied Pinot Noir are fantastic.