Pinot Grigio Red Or White

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Pinot Grigio is a white wine, but there is something unique about Pinot Grigio that makes it unique compared to other white wines. The special thing about Pinot Grigio is that it is a white wine made from red grapes even though it is white wine.

You might be wondering how Pinot Grigio can be a white wine even though it is made from red grapes. Well, the answer is that the skin is removed from the red grapes, and then the grape is pressed so that it is just the juice inside.

That is why Pinot Grigio has a unique color, but there is more to Pinot Grigio than you may think!


Can Pinot Grigio be Pink?

While most Pinot Grigio is going to be white – it can also be pink or otherwise known as rose. It is less common than the white variation, but there are definitely positives to having a rose Pinot Grigio, and it is a nice way to change things up from the traditional white Pinot Grigio.


What’s the difference between white and pink Pinot Grigio?

We mentioned earlier that Pinot Grigio is a white wine, but what is unique about it is that it is made by removing the skin of the red grapes and then squeezing the grape. 

Well, the difference between a white Pinot Grigio and a pink Pinot Grigio is that the skin is not removed from the red grapes, which gives it the pink color.

Several different methods give Pinot Grigio this pink color, such as direct pressing, drawing off, saignée, or blending. The method that is incorporated depends on the brand, but the result is that distinct pink color.


Final thoughts on Pinot Grigio’s Color

The most common Pinot Grigio you will see is a white Pinot Grigio, and while this is always a great option – it is not the only one. You may not have encountered it often, but pink Pinot Grigio does exist and is a great way to mix up your wine experience.