The Unspoken Details About Pinot Grigio’s Color That Fool Amateurs

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Pinot Grigio is the Italian expression of the French grape pinot gris. It is crisp with floral aromas and flavors of pears, apples, and citrus. For such a light taste, its color can take people by surprise. 

Have Some Pinot Grigio, But Not Sure About the Color?

Pinot Grigio is usually a light golden color, similar to straw. Large industrial producers can produce very clear Pinot Grigio wines by quickly pressing the juice and limiting its contact with its skins. 

Most white wines are ‌clear with a faint hue of yellow to dark gold. Oaked wines, like some chardonnays, have a deeper color. Pinot Grigio‌ is rarely aged in oak. Instead, stainless steel fermentation preserves Pinot Grigio’s freshness and the lighter color of the wine.  


A wine glass on a wooden surface of a table - Details About Pinot Grigio’s Color

Is Pinot Grigio Dark Yellow?

As white wines age, they turn brown. If your Pinot Grigio is turning dark yellow, it may be past its prime. Pinot Grigios are made to be drunk fresh. 

Their mild flavor and crisp acidity are perfect for cutting through many styles of food. If they age too much, they lose their crispness and taste dull. 

Why is my Pinot Grigio Orange?

Before stainless steel fermentation and modern pressing technology, Pinot Grigio was left on its dark skins during fermentation. Today, many winemakers in Italy are preserving this original style. As a result, these wines have an orange to pink color. 

Orange wines are becoming more popular around the world. Orange Pinot Grigio has deeper flavors, tannins, and color. 

Is there a red Pinot Grigio?

The grapes of Pinot Grigio themselves are light purple to bluish-gray. They are, in fact, considered red grapes. However, the wine will not develop into a full red wine even when left on the skin. 

What about Pink Pinot Grigio?

If Pinot Grigio is left on the skin longer, it produces a pink-colored wine. This rose of Pinot Grigio is gaining fans all over the world as a more full-bodied and tannin version of Pinot Grigio. 

Some producers may instead choose to add a small amount of red wine juice to their Pinot Grigio; however, this is rare. 

Final Thoughts on Pinot Grigios Color

Pinot Grigio is a white wine made from a light red grape. Its color is normally light yellow to light gold. In Italy, they traditionally leave it on its skin for a short period of time, which produces an orange color. 

Some winemakers leave the juice on the skins for longer to develop a rose wine. Darker Pinot Grigios will have more complex flavors, aromas, and tannins.