What Does Moscato Taste Like? Your Taste Buds Deserve to Know

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Moscato is a cheap popular wine made with all varieties of Muscat grapes. The tastes of the different categories of the wine can vary, which makes for not only a casual drink but also great conversation. 

Brushing up on the taste of Moscato and its history can be held for great conversation at your next dinner party. Allow us to help you impress your guests with some light wine enthusiast skills. First, let’s talk about the taste of Moscato!

What does Moscato taste like?

Considering all wine is made differently, there are four different categories of Moscato that all have their own unique flavors, colors, and aromas. The key to unlocking these unique flavors is to chill the wines to define these unique aromas and flavors. 

Woman wearing hat holding a wine glass - What Does Moscato Taste Like?

Does Moscato taste good?

This greatly depends on your personal pallet. If you enjoy other sweet wines, then you might enjoy a Moscato. It’s all about your personal preferences. Also, if you’re into fizzy wines, a Moscato carries a very light fizz that is enjoyable to many.

How would you describe the taste of Moscato?

Many describe the taste based on Moscato’s notes. However, the tastes for the different categories of Moscato all vary from each other.

  • Semi-Sparkling & Sparkling Moscato: a fizzy, strong blend of aromas complimented with relatively sweet notes.
  • Still Moscato: white wine known for its reduced sugar content and its fruity aroma can be misleading to the actual unsweet taste.
  • Pink Moscato: the pink-colored beverage carries flavors that lean towards an extra sweet strawberry essence.
  • Red Moscato: the red wine holds notes of rose petals and raspberries. 

How will I know if I like the taste of Moscato or not?

If you enjoy sweet wines that carry notes of nectarine, peach, and orange, then you might enjoy the taste of a Moscato. If you’ve tried and enjoyed the wines listed below, then you might really like a Moscato. Or, if you enjoy a Moscato, you might enjoy trying these also:

  • Riesling: Notes of green apples, peaches, and limes. 
  • Lambrusco: Notes of cherries, blueberries, and blackberries.
  • Rose: Notes of strawberries and light citrus

Is Moscato sweet, bitter, or dry?

Although this greatly depends on the Moscato’s producer and their specific style. Moscato is considered, in general, to be a sweeter wine. However, according to your taste pallet, the five different categories of Moscato might taste slightly different, ranging above a semi-sweet. 

Is the taste of Moscato a nice wine for beginners?

Dessert wines are generally said to be better for beginners in wine drinking. With that being said, Moscato is considered to be the ideal wine one would want to ease into. Listed below are more wines to look into if you’re new to drinking wine and want to ease into it. 

  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir
  • Sauvignon Blanc

Final thoughts on Moscato’s Taste

Moscato has unique floral notes alongside a plethora of other possible notes. These include but are not limited to nectarine, peach, and orange. While Moscato comes in different categories, due to the Muscat grape strain having more colors than just one, Moscato, in general, is known to be fizzy and sweet.

It’s considered to be a good wine for beginners because of its sweetness. However, there are plenty more good wines for beginners if Moscato is not your fit. Happy drinking!