Moscato Red or White

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Recently, Moscato wine has seen something of a jump in popularity, with the demand for it being on the rise. 

This is because Moscato has a lower alcohol content than most – it lies at around 5.5% ABV whilst most white wines are somewhere around 12-13% ABV- and is lighter and sweeter than most. 

Indeed, the alcohol content is so low that when winemakers in Italy first began making Moscato, they would drink a glass on their afternoon break! It is these characteristics that make it perfect for both new and seasoned wine drinkers alike! 


Is Moscato Red or White Wine? 

White Moscato is the most common type of Moscato and is what will most likely be served if you order Moscato in a restaurant or bar. Moscato d’Asti is sweet and slightly sparkling (known as frizzante) and is made from the Muscat Blanc grape. 

On the other hand, Red Moscato is made from black and orange Muscat grapes and is mixed with Shiraz or Zinfandel. Much like its white counterpart, Red Moscato has a lot of sweet notes. 

In addition, it’s a lot lighter than the usual white wines, which can be quite heavy. So if you want to drink a glass of red but have yet to find one that you like, Red Moscato might just be the perfect wine for you! 


Can Moscato Be Pink?

Moscato can be pink! Typically, Pink Moscato is Moscato d’Asti and a splash of red wine. It can also be made by blending Muscat Banc and Black Muscat grapes. Like Moscato d’Asti, Pink Moscato has a lower alcohol content than most other wines and is sweet in taste. 


What’s The Difference Between White and Pink Moscato?

White and Pink Moscato are incredibly similar: both have a low alcohol content and are considered dessert wines that pair perfectly with your favorite sweet treat! 

However, there is an obvious difference in the way that they look, with White Moscato being, of course, white and the Pink Moscato gaining its ruby-pink color from the splash of red wine. 

The flavors between the two wines also differ slightly: Moscato d’Asti generally has flavors of peaches, fresh grapes, and orange blossoms, whereas a Pink Moscato will have these flavors as well as a touch of strawberry! 


Final Thoughts on Moscato Being Red or White

With its low alcohol count and sweet flavors, Moscato is the perfect wine if you’re just dipping your toes into the world of wine. 

Additionally, the sweeping variety of types that are on offer means that there is a glass perfect for just about anyone – even for those who consider themselves to be an expert in all things wine!