Moscato Origin

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Moscato is a popular sparkling white wine that originates in Italy. Due to its sweet flavors and low alcohol content, it is considered to be a dessert wine – but that doesn’t mean you can only drink it with creme brûlée or ice cream! 

The sweetness of the wine also pairs well with spicy foods like curry! The versatility of this wine means that no matter what, you’ll find the perfect glass for you! 

A full glass wine and a bottle beside infront of green surface - Moscato Origin.

Where did Moscato originate?

Moscato originates from northwest Italy, and the word ‘Moscato’ is the Italian name for Muscat Blanc – one of the oldest wine grapes in the world. 

Historically, the winemakers would make Moscato for themselves and, due to the low alcohol content, would drink it at noon! 

The Moscato that we drink today still has this same low alcohol content – 5-6% – that owes to its popularity amongst both new and seasoned wine drinkers. 


What region of Italy is Moscato from?

Moscato comes from the province of Asti. The cool climate and combination of sandstone and limestone soils are perfect for the grapes to grow, leaving them bursting with the flavor that makes the wine so tasty! 

These wines have a mandarin, pear, and orange blossom perfume, whereas others will have a more floral smell of rose petals and rose waters! 


Why do people think it originated in France or Greece?

A common misconception is that Moscato comes from France and Greece, but this is simply because there are other drinks with a similar name! 

Muscat wine originates from the Greek island of Samos, with evidence suggesting that the Muscat grape has been on the island since the late 1600s. The grape is also used in the brandy Metaxa. 

In the South of France, there are two types of Muscat wine: Muscat Blanc and Muscat of Alexandria. Muscat Blanc grapes produce both dry and sweet wines, whereas Muscat of Alexandria grapes is best known for producing concentrated sweet wines. 

Final Thoughts on Moscato’s Origin

Overall, Moscato is a tasty, versatile wine, perfect for any situation you might find yourself in! Whether that be to pair with a nice desert or for a cheeky glass during the day. 

It should be a staple for wine drinkers everywhere, but it also is a great wine to use if you’re a fan of a Wine Spritzer cocktail!