Moscato Cheese Pairing Ideas That Will Make Your Friends Envy You

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Moscato is a delicate, fizzy sweet wine. Add cheese to the mix, and you have a delicious pairing. We all know that wine and cheese go together very well. While you can have any kind of cheese you’d like with Moscato, certain types go very well with this type of wine. You may know most of them, but you may be surprised by the different cheeses that go with this wine well.  

Moscato loves to be paired with salty, bitter, spicy, and even sour foods. This is because Moscato is sweet, so anything opposite would pair very well. Since we’re on cheese, let’s find out what cheese goes well with Moscato.

Wine glass and bottle placed together - Moscato Cheese Pairing Ideas.

Looking For the Perfect Cheese to Pair With Your Moscato?

Moscato loves creamy soft cheeses. These cheeses are salty, and it counteracts the sweetness of the Moscato well. The right cheese will help you enjoy Moscato more. Serving cheese and wine together is a classic combination, but it’s difficult to get the perfect pairing sometimes. 

You’ll have to consider the origin of the cheese, the texture, and its type. Why does this matter with Moscato? Choosing the right cheese for Moscato is important because the cheese often comes from the same region, and it should be served at room temperature for the best flavor. 

Moscato wine originated from Italy, so choosing salty and even sour (funky) cheese would suit this wine’s best pairing. 

Why does Moscato go well with cheese?

Moscato goes well with cheese because it’s a sweet wine. Cheese is often salty, and some are even acidic. This combination pairs well with a wine like Moscato.

If you were to have funky cheese as part of your paring, it relies on having a sweeter wine like Moscato to balance out the flavor. Moscato is one of the top wines that are in mind with pairing cheese because of the sweetness.

Best Cheese To Pair With Moscato

You know Moscato goes well with cheese, but what kind of cheese should you pair with Moscato? Now you’ll see the different cheeses in this section that pair perfectly with Moscato. So let’s check it out:

Goat Cheese

Goat cheese goes very well with Moscato because it’s soft, creamy, and has the right amount of tanginess in it. 

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese, as you know, is extremely funky. People either love it or hate it. For that reason, it needs a wine like Moscato to help balance out that funkiness. If you’re building a charcuterie board that will have Moscato on the menu, you’ll want to put this cheese on the list.


Gouda is another good cheese that pairs well with Moscato. It can be a smoked gouda cheese too.


Since Moscato is from Italy, we didn’t want to leave out Italian cheese. It’s soft, creamy, and salty. Perfect for Moscato.


This is a hard cheese that’s salty, perfect for Moscato. It can be the hard cheese that’s on the cheeseboard while doing a wine tasting. 

Cheeses to Avoid Pairing with Moscato

Certain cheeses should be avoided with Moscato. This is because it could be too sweet and doesn’t pair well with the wine. Here are some cheeses that should be avoided when doing a cheese pairing with Moscato:


This cheese is known to be in lasagna and ravioli, but this cheese is sweet. It’s versatile and can be used in desserts. So, for that reason, if paired with Moscato, it wouldn’t taste as good.


You’ve probably put this cheese on your hamburger. It’s a very mild cheese that has some subtle sweetness, so pairing it with Moscato would not make sense. 


This cheese is commonly used in cannolis. This is a very mild and subtle sweetness cheese. To pair this with Moscato, you’d need something salty in the mascarpone to make this work. 


This is an Italian cheese that is very sweet and pungent. In fact, you see this cheese in some pasta dishes that need that sweetness. This cheese is better for more acidic wines, like chardonnays. But with Moscato, it’s not a good fit. 

Final Thoughts

Moscato goes delicious with salty cheeses. It’s one of the best pairings that exist because the sweetness and saltiness marry together. Next time you do a cheese board for Moscato, you’ll want to have all the cheeses that compliment the wine.

Also, make sure the cheese is close to room temperature so that you can get the maximum flavor at your next wine tasting or gathering.