Is Riesling Sparkling or Still Wine?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Many people enjoy either still or sparkling wine. You don’t think about the carbonation when you drink Riesling because it’s delicious. 

But if you’ve been wondering about that, you’re in luck because we will discuss a lot about the sparkling portion of Riesling. You’ll be more informed of what kind of wine Riesling is by the end of this.


Is Riesling sparkling or still?

Riesling is produced as a still wine, but it has been made sparkling in recent years as well. As a result, wine users can now enjoy both versions. Sparkling is more popular than still because most of the world’s producers of Riesling produce it that way. 
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In Germany, they call sparkling wine Sekt. Sekt has an interesting history. This is because the word used to be a dirty word. But now it’s a successful way of making sparkling wine, with Germany specializing in Riselingsekt, the sparkling Riesling we know today.

Close up of a wine glass - Is Riesling Sparkling or Still Wine?

Can you get sparkling Riesling?

Sparkling is more popular with Riesling, so it is found anywhere that wine is sold. You can pick one up at one of your favorite wineries, grocery stores, or liquor stores that sells them.

This type of wine is easy to find, so you can enjoy it.


Are there any sparkling wines that are made from Riesling?

Riesling makes an excellent sparkling wine to have with your meal or dessert. It can even be enjoyed on its own. If you want some idea which sparkling Riesling to buy, check out this list below:


  • Dr. L Sparkling Riesling
  • FRESH Ideas Sparkling Riesling
  • Sinß, Cuvée Brut Rößler Sekt, 2014
  • Bibo Runge, Provokateur, 2015
  • Reichsrat von Buhl, Riesling Brut Sekt 2016


There are, of course, many more versions of sparkling Riesling out there. You’ll have to make sure that the label clearly says Riesling or at least “sekt” if it’s from Germany or Austria. 

Sekt means sparkling German wine, so if you see that when buying sparkling Riesling, you know you have got the right wine.


What if I want to make my own sparkling Riesling?

Making champagne at home is becoming a new thing now that there’s a way of doing it. The same goes for Riesling. Here are the basic steps to getting the wine ready for carbonation. 

This is a basic list, but full instructions are here.


  • Make sure the wine kit you’re using is at least 23 liters. This way, you can ferment the Riesling. Don’t add stabilizing add packs because it will prevent the wine from carbonating.
  • You’ll also want to add metabisulphite powder with cool water to add to the wine. It’ll help stop the oxidizing.
  • Add the fining according to the wine kit instructions. 
  • You’ll want to ensure that you rack the wine back into a clean carboy and wait at least ten days. 
  • It’s ready for carbonation when the wine is clear, and no filtration is needed!

Final Thoughts on Sparkling Riesling

Sparkling Riesling is a popular choice of wine that’s enjoyed by mine. Most of the sparking ones are usually semi-dry to dry and have a higher alcohol content of about 12-14%.

The next time you are shopping for a Riesling, remember to check that it has the word “Sparkling” or “Sekt” on it so that you know it’s the sparkling kind. There are a lot of still Rieslings out there too, but you can easily make that into a bubbly with an at-home wine kit! 

We hope this guide helped you understand more about sparkling Rieslings and will encourage you to have a glass (or two)!