Is Pinot Grigio Sparkling or Still Wine?

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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One of the beautiful things about wine is its diversity. There are many grapes, many colors, and many styles. Like other grape varietals, Pinot Grigio can be used to produce excellent sparkling wines. 

Sparkling Pinot Grigio can be dry or slightly sweet, depending on the country of origin. 

Sparkling wine has a long history. Because of the unpredictable nature of fermentation, many of the earliest wines had a slight fizz. These effervescent qualities were refreshing to the first wine drinkers. 

Later on, winemakers discovered different ways to control fermentation to create bubbles in the wine in history. These have become the Champagnes and Proseccos we love today. 

A wine bottle and a glass in front of a stove - Is Pinot Grigio Sparkling or Still Wine?

Is Pinot Grigio Sparkling or Still?

Pinot Grigio is usually made into still wine. Sometimes, winemakers may want to experiment with Pinot Grigio by making it into sparkling wine. These wines share all the crisp, refreshing characteristics of Pinot Grigio but with added bubbles. 


Can you get Sparkling Pinot Grigio?

You can find sparkling Pinot Grigio in some wine shops and supermarkets. Pinot Gris, the French name for the same grape, is more common in sparkling wines. 

Pinot Gris is one of the seven grapes legally allowed in the production of Champagne, although the vast majority of Champagne is made from chardonnay and pinot noir. 


Are There any Sparkling Wines That are Made From Pinot Grigio?

In Italy, some winemakers are using Pinot Grigio to produce alternatives to prosecco. Other areas of the world are also discovering the deliciousness of sparkling Pinot Grigio. 

In California, where Pinot Grigio grows well, many winemakers are choosing to use it as the base for their sparkling wines. These refreshing sparklers go perfectly with seafood, especially oysters. 

Some easy to find sparkling Pinot Grigios include: 


  • Barefoot Bubbly Pinot Grigio
  • Pinot Pinot (Canned Wine)
  • Most Wanted (Canned Wine)


What if I Want to Make my own Sparkling Pinot Grigio?

Winemaking is difficult, and making delicious sparkling wine is even more challenging. Fortunately, you can add your favorite wine to soda or soda water to make a wine spritzer. 

Refreshingly crisp and light-bodied, Pinot Grigio makes the perfect base for a white wine spritzer. Just add a little lemon or orange peel, and this will be a hit at summer BBQs.  

Final Thoughts on Sparkling Pinot Grigio

Although less common, Pinot Grigio makes delicious and refreshing sparkling wines. Pinot Gris, the French name for the same grape, is one of the less common grapes used in Champagne. 

In Italy, Pinot Grigio is made into sparkling wines. These sparkling Pinot Grigios are an excellent alternative to Prosecco. 

You can make your own sparkling white wine spritzer by adding soda water to your favorite Pinot Grigio and garnishing with a slice of lemon or orange.