How Drinking Moscato From The Correct Glass Will Enhance The Flavors

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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With all the wine bottle selections in the world comes an equally dooming question: what glass do I use for this wine?! Imagine you’re enjoying a summer’s evening with a cold Moscato bottle in hand, and you don’t know which glass to pick.

You do not want to pour a glass of wine only to get judgmental stares from your friends and family. Or worse, you will not be able to experience the wine the way it should be tasted!

So grab your bottle. We are about to dive deep into what is the best glass for a Moscato wine.

A wine glass in hand - Drinking Moscato From The Correct Glass.

How to Select the Best Glass Shape for Moscato

It can be overwhelming to know which glass to use for drinking your white wine. The best way to select the glass shape is to simply look at it.

If it is short and stout, that is for a port or dessert wine. If it is larger than life, that is for a full-bodied red wine. If it is tall and skinny, that is for sparkling wine or champagne. Each glass accentuates different parts of the beverage in it.

Your goal for a glass shape for your Moscato wine is something smaller and narrower. Again, the goal is to keep the aromas locked in while you are drinking a fruitier wine such as Moscato. 


What kind of glass do you use for Moscato?

While browsing for your new glass, whether it’s online or in-store, it is important to keep in mind that wine and its aromas go hand-in-hand. Therefore, your wine glass should help accentuate the smells in your Moscato. 

For that reason, it is recommended to use a smaller glass with a smaller opening. 

Due to its smaller shape, it is easier to preserve the sweet smells of the wine in the glass. This also helps smell the aromas better since it is in a more enclosed space. Additionally, the smaller the glass is, the more likely your Moscato will remain cooler.

Think a small glass equals white wine with delicious smells for an easy reference!


Glasses to Avoid When Drinking Moscato

Since there are so many different types of glasses, there are also ones you should avoid when choosing one for a Moscato.

You can cross off those wine glasses that have bigger bowls. The wider opening allows for more aromas to leave the glass, and we’re trying to keep the smells in!

Additionally, avoid stemless wine glasses. 

While there are both stem and stemless versions of wine glasses, white wine is a better fit in a glass with a stem. With a stemless glass, you have no choice but to grab it where your fingertips will make the wine warm. We are trying to keep the wine nice and cool!


Cleaning Moscato Wine Glasses

When you are cleaning your new Moscato wine glass, it is not about just using a sponge and soap. 

Instead, hold the glass by the base of the bowl so the stem doesn’t break while cleaning. If you need to remove a stain such as lipstick, use white vinegar, so it doesn’t leave an odor.

Once you are done washing it, dry it with a microfiber cloth to avoid any water spots. Since a microfiber cloth does not have any lint, your glasses are sure to stay shiny as well. There is nothing worse than a clean glass with dry spots on it!


Is there anything special I should do to the glass before I enjoy my wine?

Before drinking your wine, put your Moscato wine in the fridge for about 30-45 minutes. If you want your experience to be extra chilly, feel free to clean your glass first and then put it in the fridge as well. 

Then, when both wine and glass are cold, you are in for a refreshing and aromatic experience!

Overall, keeping your Moscato cold and refreshed in a smaller glass fit for white wines is important. With a smaller opening, the wine remains more aromatic inside the glass. Also, aim for a stem glass so your hand and fingers don’t warm up the glass. 

Maintain your wine glass by cleaning and drying it and your Moscato, and you are ready for the summer!

Final Thoughts on  Moscato Glass 

Even though choosing a wine glass sounds like some pretentious advice from your snob friend, the right wine glass is an essential element in the wine-drinking experience. 

Choosing the matching glass will enhance the flavor of the wine and allow the wine to release its flavor, enrich your taste buds and make you taste all of its aromas. 

The right wine glass is an integral part of the wine drinking experience, so pay attention to this detail when choosing Moscato.