How Long Does Gewürztraminer Last After Opening? Surprisingly Different Than Most Think

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Nothing is worse than buying a bottle of wine and not being able to enjoy it for as long as you’d like. With so many rules and exceptions to wines, it can be hard to remember how long a white wine such as Gewürztraminer can last. 


How Long Does Gewürztraminer Last Once Opened (Screw Top vs. Cork)?

Gewürztraminer is a wine best enjoyed within the first week of opening. Typically, to ensure you are able to savor its fruity and rich grape fragrance, it’s best to consume it within three to five days

Otherwise, the once bold flavors will be diluted, and your wine drinking experience will be limited. There has been a long-standing debate on whether a corked wine is better for a wine’s longevity versus a screw top. 

Screw tops are often associated with cheaper wines that some wine connoisseurs look down on as being cheaply made, while corks are considered the crème de la crème of wine longevity. 

This is simply not the case. Corks slowly let oxygen into the bottle, allowing the wine to develop more. Corks are recommended for red wines, while screw tops are better for white wines. 

This is because most white wines are supposed to be enjoyed young. Screw tops were invented in the 1950s as a way to counteract the emergence of “cork taint” that was being found in natural corks that were being used to secure wine. 

While corked wine won’t harm you, it’ll definitely kill the mood. It’s characterized by a musty aroma that overpowers any other aromas your wine once had. 

So if you were looking forward to the floral notes of your Gewürztraminer, you might find yourself getting a good whiff of what may smell like a musty closet. 

The good news is that not all corked wine will get cork taint, but it is something to keep in mind when buying a Gewürztraminer. 

All in all, whether your Gewürztraminer is a screw top or a cork, one isn’t necessarily going to last longer than the other; regardless of what is being used to secure your wine, it’s still recommended to consume your Gewürztraminer within the week after opening. 

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What Can I Do to Make the Gewürztraminer Last Longer?

Gewürztraminer is highly aromatic, meaning the aromas have the ability to last longer. The best way to ensure that your wine will last is to make sure you are storing it at the appropriate temperatures. 

Gewürztraminer needs to be chilled between 38 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit when served. Keep it between these ranges to ensure it lasts longer when storing it. 

Your typical fridge is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a suitable place to store your Gewürztraminer if you do not have access to a wine cooler. 

What Should I Do Immediately After Opening a Gewürztraminer to Make It Last Longer? 

Wine oxidation severely limits a wine’s capability to last. Once a bottle of wine is opened and exposed to air, your time frame to enjoy it is shortened to within the week. 

The best thing to do immediately after opening your wine and pouring yourself a glass is to immediately close it up using the screw top or cork it came with.

If your cork cannot be salvaged, make sure you have other wine closers on hand to limit the oxygen going into your wine. 

Gewürztraminer and wines alike are meant to be enjoyed while the flavors are at their peak. 

Its robust, exotic flavors are too good to wait to enjoy, but if you want to prolong its life, make sure you correctly store it at the right temperature and secure your wine bottle by limiting the amount of oxygen going into it. 

Your Gewürztraminer, as well as your taste buds, will thank you.