Gewürztraminer Food Pairings That Will Make Mouth-Watering Meals

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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There is a variety of food that pairs well with Gewürztraminer. This is because it has that unmistakable fruity flavor. It has hints of lychee, rose petals, apricot, cinnamon, black pepper, and ginger. 

However, it’s not an acidic wine, so this means that it shouldn’t be used as a palate cleanser. 

Fret not. Gewürztraminer pairs very well with certain foods, as it can complement the flavors. In this guide, we’ll show you what goes well with Gewürztraminer and what doesn’t so that you are well-informed with the pairing.

Wine glasses and food on a wooden table - Gewürztraminer Food Pairings.

Looking For the Perfect Food to Pair with Your Gewürztraminer?

The perfect pairing with Gewürztraminer exists. It doesn’t take an expert to realize what pairs well with this wine. Gewürztraminer loves to be paired with neutral-style meats, pork, some spicy foods, and desserts. 

There are different Gewürztraminer wines that will go well with certain foods. For example, Sweet Gewürztraminer goes well with fruity desserts because it complements the spices in the wine (which typically has ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon).

So there’s a variety of food that is perfect for this wine. Let’s check it out below.


What snack goes with Gewürztraminer?

If you are going to have wine, you’ll want at least a snack with it. It’ll help slow down the absorption of alcohol in your body. It will also help you enjoy the flavors of Gewürztraminer more than well. 

What snack goes well with this wine? Here are some snack ideas to pair it with:


  • Most fruits (This is because Gewürztraminer is already sweet, so it’s a perfect match)
  • Cheese such as Gruyère, Munster, Gouda, and even Swiss. 
  • Dried coconut chips
  • Tart Flambe (bacon and onion tart)


These are some snacks that you can enjoy with Gewürztraminer. Some of those snacks can be put on a charcuterie board as they compliment most things that are on it. 

You could use deli meats such as turkey, chicken, and ham for that board to pair with some cheeses that were mentioned.


What meat pairs with Gewürztraminer?

Gewürztraminer pairs well with poultry, shrimp, crab, and pork. It also pairs well with eggs (yes, an egg is a meat), so that’s a variety of meat you can pair Gewürztraminer with. Here are some meats that go excellent with this wine:


  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Duck
  • Shrimp
  • Crab
  • Ham
  • Bacon
  • Pork Loin


These are the meats that pair very well with Gewürztraminer because it complements the spiciness of the wine.


Does Gewürztraminer go with steak?

Steak and wine go wonderfully together. With Gewürztraminer being a fruity and spicy wine, it can pair very well with a well seasoned and marbled steak. However, if the steak just has basic salt and pepper on it, the red meat flavor may overpower the Gewürztraminer. 

Gewürztraminer also compliments the fat in the steak, so why not try it with a well-seasoned rib eye? 


Does Gewürztraminer go with ham?

Ham is salty that pairs well with sweet sauces and spices. This means that it pairs wonderfully with the Gewürztraminer. Its spices compliment the ham, making it a delicious pairing. 

Add some honey with some herbs to the ham, and you’ll have a delicious meal to have with a glass of Gewürztraminer. 


Does Gewürztraminer go with spicy food?

Spicy food loves Gewürztraminer. Especially spicy Asian food. Suppose you feel like Szechuan or Thai food. This wine compliments the flavors very well. Thai food often has similar flavors that the wine has, making it perfect. 

It also pairs well with spicy Indian curries. However, it tones down the spiciness in the curries with a refreshing burst of fruity flavors that are in the wine.


Best Foods To Pair With Gewürztraminer

You now know what meat and snacks go with Gewürztraminer, but here are a few dishes that pair well with this wine.


  • Quiches– Gewürztraminer loves eggy dishes. Add your favorite veggies and perhaps bacon to enjoy a delicious pairing.
  • Alsatian Food-This kind of food is from the same area where Gewürztraminer’s grapes are grown. Classics include Choucroute Garnie (Sausages, Pork, and wine-braised Sauerkraut)
  • Duck Dishes– Gewürztraminer loves to be paired with duck. It’s a fatty white meat that compliments well with the fruity and crisp-tasting Gewürztraminer.
  • Truffle Dishes-Keep in mind that some Gewürztraminer wines are suitable for dishes that have truffles in them. Try it with truffle mashed potatoes.
  • Pizza and Pasta dishes– If you can do without the tomato base and add a white sauce with cheese, this can be a delicious pairing with Gewürztraminer.


Foods to Avoid Pairing with Gewürztraminer

You know what pairs well with Gewürztraminer, but what food should you avoid for it? Why should you avoid pairing food with wine? This is because certain foods that are acidic will not do well with a wine like Gewürztraminer. Let’s look at other parings that don’t bode well with Gewürztraminer.


Ultra spicy food

While it’s enjoyable to drink Gewürztraminer with spicy foods, food that has a lot more capsaicin wouldn’t work. The wine has too much alcohol, and the extreme heat combined wouldn’t make it very enjoyable at all. 


Acidic Dishes

With tomato-based ingredients, green vegetables, etc., dishes wouldn’t work with Gewürztraminer. Even a tossed salad would be too sharp for this wine. 


Dishes that are too sweet

Gewürztraminer loves fruit. But it can be too much if you are eating a rich and sweet dessert such as fudge. In addition, the wine will simply taste harsh, which is what you don’t want to experience while having a glass of it.

Final Thoughts on Gewürztraminer Food Pairing

Gewürztraminer is the underdog of wines. A lot of wine drinkers don’t give it a chance because they rarely know what to pair it with. It can hold up to foods that have been smoked, grilled, or even blackened foods. 

Obviously, it pairs well with German cuisine, so the next time you have a glass of Gewürztraminer, try it with a schnitzel dish. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the pairing. 

We hope you know what food to pair with Gewürztraminer the next time you buy a bottle of it. Enjoy whatever food pairing you’ve decided on with your wine!