How Drinking Riesling From The Correct Glass Will Enhance The Flavors

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Believe it or not, all wine glasses are made differently to best accommodate the type of wine you choose to enjoy. This includes the shape and size typically any glass would do, but it’s proper etiquette to select the correct glassware for your wine!  


How to Select the Best Glass Shape for Riesling

There are a few features for wine glassware when in search of the perfect one to accommodate the specific wine you’re choosing to serve. 

For example, white wines like Riesling go into glasses that typically have long stems, small bowls, and narrow rims. 

Since white wines have a more sensitive temperature and need to be kept cooler than red wine, the white wine glassware is built to sustain that temperature; and also prevent too much aeration within the wine.

For white wine glassware, the stems are longer, creating a handle for the glass to prevent the warmth of your hands from heating the wine. In addition, the small bowls and narrow rims are created to prevent too much aeration within the white wine. 

You’ll find that glasses used for red wine are different, considering that red wine changes flavors as the wine is created and the temperature changes. 

The short stems, large bowls, and wide rims of the red wine glasses allow a full experience within the consumption of the red wine. 

Woman clinking wine glass while standing near a window - Drinking Riesling From The Correct Glass.

What kind of glass do you use for Riesling?

Since Riesling is a white wine, you’ll want to find a wine glass with the following characteristics to best accommodate the quality of the wine after it’s been opened and served.


  • A long stem to hold is used to prevent the warmth of your hands from heating the wine too quickly.
  • A small bowl and narrow rim are used to protect the wine from too much aeration before enjoying the wine. 


Glasses to Avoid when Drinking Riesling

Glassware to avoid using when drinking Riesling is any glassware with a short stem or even no stem to hold the glass with. Large bowls of the wine glass with a wide-open rim should also be avoided.


Cleaning Riesling wine Glasses

It’s recommended to begin the cleaning process right after your meal. 

While dishwashers are controversial amongst the wine community, with the right dishwashing soap and correct placement of the glasses into the machine – it should all be okay, just fine. 

If you’re one of those people who is against a dishwasher, we don’t judge! Simply fill your sink with hot water and vinegar, soak the glassware in the mixed solution, and rinse! 

Don’t allow the glasses to air dry. Instead, wipe them down yourself to achieve a crystal clear glass. 


Is there anything special I should do with the glass before I enjoy my wine?

So you are wondering if there’s anything extra you can do with your wine glass before serving your favorite Riesling to your guests. One common practice amongst the wine community is to chill wine glasses!

Yes, chilling your wine glasses before serving will give that extra touch to protect the temperature of the wine. 

Although this technique can be practiced with both red and white wines, it’s more common with white wines due to their temperature being more delicate.

Final Thoughts on Riesling Glassware

Use wine glasses with long stems, small bowls, and narrow rims for white wines like Riesling. 

Clean the glassware in the dishwasher or by hand washing with a mix of hot water and warm vinegar. For an extra special touch, chill the wine glass to better maintain the chilled temperature of the wine.