How to Drink Chardonnay Without Embarrassing Yourself

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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It’s always fun to learn proper etiquette for beginner wine enthusiasts. It’s also a tactic for social acceptance in the wine community. Although it’s not needed to simply enjoy your favorite wine, it’s still a practice passed down through the years.

There is a different set apart from enjoying your favorite red at home with your friends for the evening or spending a night at a proper dinner party surrounded by those who value proper etiquette.

Woman smiling with a glass of wine in her hand - How to Drink Chardonnay Without Embarrassing Yourself?

What is the best way to drink Chardonnay?

There are many different factors to consider when figuring out the proper etiquette for drinking Chardonnay. These factors included:

  • The state the wine needs to be in when serving
  • How to hold the wine glass
  • What kind of meals you should be serving

These factors will help you enjoy your favorite Chardonnay.

Chardonnay should always be served chilled. White wines are best when chilled anywhere between 50-60 degrees F. This temperature can be better maintained by chilling your wine glasses before serving. 

Choosing a traditional white wine glass when serving Chardonnay is ideal. Wine glassware with longer stems and smaller bowls work perfectly for a Chardonnay. This is also because glassware with these characteristics assists in maintaining a chilled temperature. 

Holding the wine glass by the stem will offer a more maintained wine temperature. This is because holding the wine glass by the bowl will allow the warmth of your hands to warm your wine. Nobody enjoys the taste of warm wine. 

There’s a rule of thumb for wine enthusiasts, it’s not required, of course, but it is considered proper etiquette. That is, white wines go with white meats, while red wines pair with red meats. Being a white wine, Chardonnay goes well with most seafood and heavy cream-based pasta.

What to avoid if you’re around seasoned Chardonnay drinkers?

If you’re around anyone who drinks Chardonnay regularly and knows a lot about it, see the tips enlisted below to ensure proper etiquette and manners.

  • Never hold your glass by the bowl, only by the stem.
  • Each sip should be in moderation. People don’t chug wine. They sip and smell the aroma to discuss the different notes of the wine.
  • Do not allow the Chardonnay to breathe or aerate. Only red wines need this.
  • Avoid pairing Chardonnay with spicy foods and bitter greens when preparing your meal.

When should you drink Chardonnay?

If you’re not buying your Chardonnay from a grocery outlet and instead from a winery of the sorts, it’s best enjoyed anywhere between 1-3 years of its vintage date. This is because any wines bought from the grocery store are typically created for quick and easy consumption. There’s nothing wrong with this. However, many enjoy the hobby of wine tasting instead of just getting boozy. 

Chardonnay is widely consumed on many occasions. Think occasions such as:

  • Wedding parties
  • Ceremonies
  • Any other formal dinner parties

The beverage is also considered to be a drink of the summer, not the winter. Therefore, many people will use Chardonnay in their summer drink recipes. Such as a frozen sangria, berry spritzer, pink lemonade wine, or even raspberry Chardonnay slushies.

How much Chardonnay should you sip each time you drink?

Many of those who appreciate wines as an art form will sip just enough wine to cover the pallet. Small drinks like this will help in identifying the notes of the wine. However, unlike other alcoholic beverages, Chardonnay isn’t really meant to be chugged to receive a buzz. 

If enjoyed slowly, in small amounts, the primary fruit flavors of the wine can be better enjoyed. Every Chardonnay differs but can contain lemon, apple, and passion fruit notes. Also, in some cases, notes of pear and guava can be detected. Drinking larger amounts will mute these notes, ultimately making the wine less enjoyable.


The best way to enjoy a Chardonnay is chilled, served in a chilled glass with a long stem and a small bowl or bell. This is because white wines so often pair well with white meats like chicken, shrimp, and mussels. They also are complemented by dishes that have a heavy cream-based sauce. It’s important to show proper etiquette when consuming Chardonnay around those who have a lot of knowledge.

The main thing to remember is to never take large Chardonnay drinks and only take small sips. Not only is this proper etiquette, but it also allows you to enjoy the fruity notes of a Chardonnay that are often muted when drinking too much too fast.