Does Moscato Go Bad? The Surprising Truth About This Wine

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Moscato is a popular choice of wine among wine connoisseurs because of its sweet taste. The moment you open a bottle, you probably never think if a wine goes bad because of its alcohol content. But like with most perishable items, it can go bad after it’s been opened.

That includes Moscato. Why? You’ll find out today as you read this post to learn why it goes bad and how to preserve opened Moscato.

Does Moscato go bad after opening?

The short answer? Yes, after a couple of days up to a week. If you can store the Moscato properly, it can last as long as a week. You will want to use a rubber cork stopper to preserve the quality and put the Moscato in the fridge.  

A rubber cork stopper ensures that no air can get out of the bottle so that the quality of the wine can be preserved. It also helps to prevent food odors from seeping into the Moscato when stored in the fridge. 

Close up of a wine glass - Does Moscato Go Bad?

Does Moscato go bad in the fridge?

Opened Moscatos are actually ok in the fridge, as long that they are corked. You should use a rubber cork stopper that I mentioned previously to ensure that there is no air in the bottle. With that said, it can last 3-5 days in the fridge before it goes bad. 

Moscato can go bad in the fridge if not drunk within a few days, as the color and taste will change. You can tell that it went bad by the smell as well. The best way to ensure that the Moscato tastes delicious is to store it in a slightly below room temperature in a dark room. If, for some reason, you or your guests don’t finish the bottle, remember to store the Moscato right away so that it can be enjoyed another day.

What if I left my Moscato in the car on a hot day (after I opened it)?

If Moscato has been exposed to heat, the flavor of the wine will be changed. It is still drinkable, but it will not taste the same. Assuming there’s sunshine, the Moscato will probably taste bitter after being left out in the hot car. Here are the other signs that the Moscato may have gone bad in the car:

  • Moscato that has spoiled or gone bad will not have that fruity smell. Instead, it’ll smell like a “wet dog” or a damp smell.
  • The color changes when a Moscato has been exposed to heat and light. If it’s normally pink, it’ll turn into a murky color. If it’s normally white, it will turn yellow.

Why does Moscato react to heat?

Like most wines, Moscato has a reputation for spoiling in the heat. The reason for this is that the chemical reactions in the wine change the way the wine reacts when exposed.

So when it’s left in the car by accident or whatever reason, you should know that the temperatures in the car are often hotter than it is outside. That’s why Moscato or almost any wine can be spoiled because, at any temperature over 80 degrees, the wine will start cooking in the bottle.  

If you are out and about (let’s say the beach), bring a cooler that has ice in it or is insulated to where it can keep the Moscato cold. A cooler will also help shield the Moscato from spoiling while it’s in a car.

What if I left my Moscato in the car on a cold day and it froze (after I opened it)?

Your Moscato might be fine after being left in the car on a chilly day only if it’s been opened. Of course, you probably already know that an unopened bottle of wine being frozen is a huge no-no. But if the bottle was already opened, it’s likely safe if it’s at half the bottle. 

You can safely make a frozen Moscato drink in the blender along with other ingredients if you or your guests prefer that. 

Otherwise, do not fret if you’ve left a Moscato in the car. You can still enjoy the wine by letting it thaw out. 

Bottom Line

Moscato is a wine that many people enjoy because of its sweet taste. It can be paired with many dishes or enjoyed on its own. As long that you take care the Moscato doesn’t go bad, you and your guests are in for a sweet treat.

Remember to store it properly in a dark area so that when the time comes to enjoy it, you can just pop it out and enjoy.