Cooking Mouthwatering Meals with Sauvignon Blanc Like A Professional

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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If you are new to everything wine-related, you may be unaware of how often wines are used as a seasoning in a dish. In fact, those restaurant dishes that you love but just can’t recreate at home probably had wine as the secret ingredient. 

Different wines add different notes and flavors to your dishes. Don’t worry about the alcohol content either since you won’t be able to taste it when it’s cooked. Now, if you love sipping Sauvignon Blanc, you may start to wonder if you can cook with it. Well, it’s time to find out!


A delicious dish with fish and vegetables on plate and a glass of white wine beside - Cooking Mouthwatering Meals with Sauvignon Blanc Like A Professional.

Can you use Sauvignon Blanc to cook with?

Turns out, Sauvignon Blanc isn’t just good for enjoying chilled but also cooked in dishes. Generally, dry wines are the best for use in the kitchen. 

These wines have rich and aromatic flavors that pair well with many foods. You can also be sure that dry wines won’t add any unwanted sweetness to your dish either.  

The dry white wine known as Sauvignon Blanc has notes of citrus and herbs and is much stronger tasting than similar crisp whites. 

Those subtle floral hints can also enhance your next vegetable dish. It also has high acidity, making it the perfect addition to meat, seafood, and creamy recipes. In fact, just this high acidity on its own makes this wine a must-have not only in a glass but also in the kitchen. 

Sauvignon Blanc is known to be one of the wines that are easiest to cook with. All you have to do is pour some into a pan to deglaze and add to the dish.


What are good meals to cook Sauvignon Blanc with?

An aromatic and dry Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect match for seafood, chicken, and spicy vegetable dishes. In fact, it’s one of the only wines that compliment the flavors of asparagus and tomatoes.

If you are a fan of seafood, then you most likely love some mussels. Once you have cooked mussels in water as you normally would, try steaming them in Sauvignon Blanc until they crack open. 

After removing the mussels, you can also serve that delicious Sauvignon Blanc broth. Just add some butter, parsley, and other spices to the wine and wait for the butter to melt. Then, pour some of this broth over the mussels and serve the rest!

Braised chicken is another delicious dish that benefits from the flavors provided by a Sauvignon Blanc. Start by cooking the chicken in the oven until it turns brown, so for about 15 minutes. 

Then, add garlic, wine, oregano, bay leaf, and some lemon zest to the skillet with the chicken and braise it in the oven until it’s ready. This recipe, including the ingredients and cooking times, can be modified. 

We just want to recommend you always use Sauvignon Blanc when braising chicken.


Can I use Sauvignon Blanc for pasta?

Yes, not only can you use Sauvignon Blanc for pasta, but you should! This crispy wine is what will add that “zing” to your pasta sauce.

All you will need for our favorite pasta sauce is olive oil, garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, salt and pepper, some butter, and of course, your Sauvignon Blanc. It’s super simple to follow this recipe, and you can tweak the measurements to your liking. 

Start by heating olive oil on a pan and sautéing it with minced garlic and red pepper until it’s golden. This part should only take a few minutes. Then, add your salt, pepper, butter, other seasonings, and the wine to the pan. 

Let the sauce simmer and stir for a few minutes until you feel that it is ready. Add it to your pasta, mix, and enjoy! As we noted above, Sauvignon Blanc goes great with meats and seafood as well, so go ahead and add some braised chicken or mussels to your pasta. 

Adding some freshly made shrimps to this dish is a great idea too.

Final Thoughts on Cooking with Sauvignon Blanc

You don’t have to buy specific “cooking wines” to use wine in dishes. These wines are designed to be sweeter and artificially more flavorful, which may overpower your dish. Just use your favorite wine in the kitchen as well. 

If you are a fan of Sauvignon Blanc, you will surely enjoy using it in meat, seafood, vegetables, and pasta dishes. So, next time you are at the store, grab two bottles, one for drinking and one for cooking with!