The Foolproof Way To Chill Moscato Without Ruining It

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Chilling your Moscato will intensify the aroma and notes of the wine that may be undetectable otherwise. However, it’s important to note that chilling times greatly depend on what kind of Moscato you have when deciding to chill Moscato.

This is because Moscato can come in the two basic varieties of wine, red or white. Of course, red and white wines have different chilling preferences, which might make things confusing, but that’s why we are here to help!

Should you chill Moscato?

Yes, all Moscato is preferred to be chilled before serving. If it’s chilled to perfection, it’s more likely to be favorable to your pallet. 

However, considering there are red and white Moscato varieties, the recommended temperatures vary between varieties. Red Moscato is to be ever so slightly chilled just below room temperature, around 55-65 degrees F, while white Moscato should be chilled to a cooler temperature of 45-50 degrees F.

Three wine bottles in a bucket full of ice cubes - The Foolproof Way To Chill Moscato.

Is it better to chill Moscato in the fridge or with ice?

While both the fridge and ice are efficient ways to chill your wine, one technique is better than the other. As we all know, a regular refrigerator is not meant to chill wine to perfection. This is because these devices are not made to hold wine. However, there are Wien cooling devices on the market that assist in keeping your wines cool to the right temperatures. 

Let’s talk about ice! Ice is a great element to use when cooling your wine if used correctly. However, putting an ice cube in your wine is not recommended, for it will dilute your wine over time and possibly make it too cold. 

However, the traditional ice bucket is the best way to cool wine like a Moscato. Note that there is a special recipe for the traditional ice bucket. It’s not just ice in a bucket. After placing your ice in your bucket, fill it partway with water and some salt of any kind. This is more effective in keeping your wine bottles cool in all the right ways!

How do you chill Moscato fast?

There are plenty of ways to chill wine fast in general! Although a wine cooler is recommended for those aspiring wine enthusiasts, let’s get into some of the different techniques to use when you need to cool your wine fast.

One way is to wrap your wine bottle in a damp paper towel before sticking it into your freezer for around 20-30 minutes. Dropping frozen grapes into your wine acts as an ice cube alternative. 

There are also many products on the market created to specifically cool your wine down fast! These include products like stainless steel beads or metal wine stones (they act as an alternative to an ice cube) and a chilled wine bottle spout that will chill your wine as you pour it from the bottle. The possibilities are endless. It’s recommended to invest in one of these products if you are not interested in investing in a wine cooler/fridge. 

Can you over-chill Moscato?

Yes, especially red Moscato. Two things could happen when any wine is over-chilled past the recommended temperature. You could freeze your wine, which, unless you’re into wine ice pops, is not recommended. Two, it could absolutely ruin the wine by muting the unique notes and flavors of the wine, which is very unpleasant to the pallet.

If I chill Moscato, then it gets warm, will it ruin the wine?

If the Moscato is opened and resealed, chilled, and then gets dramatically warm, it might ruin the wine. However, this doesn’t pertain to unopened Moscato. Many say that even if the bottle isn’t opened, is chilled, and gets warm again, it will ruin the wine – but luckily, it’s not that simple.

Let’s talk about the transportation of wines in general. There’s no question that wine goes through immense temperature changes while it’s being transported from its vineyard to your local wine or grocery outlet. Moscato or any other unopened wine will not go bad if it’s chilled and then warmed.

Final Thoughts on Chilling Moscato

Yes, red Moscato should be chilled slightly at a temperature of 55-65 degrees F, while white Moscato can be chilled more than a red at a temperature of 45-50 degrees F. When you don’t have a wine cooler, it’s more efficient to chill your wine in an ice bucket mixed with water and salt.

The traditional ice bucket is a classic favorite and still works more efficiently than a domestic household refrigerator. Although there are many products up for purchase that will assist in a quick chill for your wine, two techniques are favored among wine enthusiasts.

First, wrapping your wine bottle in a damp paper towel and placing it in the freezer for a few minutes is a quick and efficient way to chill your wine. Another popular technique is to freeze grapes and put those in your wine to chill them, acting as an alternative to ice cubes – without diluting your wine.