The Unspoken Details About Chenin Blanc’s Color That Fool Amateurs

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Delicious (and versatile), Chenin Blanc is the wine for all occasions. Originating from the Loire Valley of France, Chenin Blanc can be vinified into several different styles of wine, from supple sweet dessert wine to full-bodied, dry whites, to fizzling sparkling wines. 

Widely made in South Africa, it’s known under many names, such as Steen and Pineau de La Loire. So it’s no wonder why this adaptable wine is widely loved.


Have some Chenin Blanc, but not sure about the color?

While classified as white wine, Chenin Blanc can be found in a variety of colors, ranging in color from pale straw to a robust amber. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options, but don’t fret. 

That’s why this guide is here for you! The color can indicate the flavor profiles present in the wine.

Should Chenin Blanc be yellow?

As we now know, Chenin Blanc can come in a variety of colors. You may be concerned about seeing a yellow color, but don’t worry – it should look like this. 

The term white wine is a little misleading, as white wine is not truly a white color. Normally, they’ll have a yellowish hue to them, and Chenin Blanc is no exception.

Wine being poured into a small wine glass - Details About Chenin Blanc's Color.

Is Chenin Blanc dark yellow?

Chenin Blanc with a dark yellow hue is also considered normal. Typically, it indicates riper flavors with a sweeter profile. However, it isn’t a one size fits all situation.


Why is my Chenin Blanc orange?

While the color may seem alarming, an orange Chenin Blanc is nothing to agonize over. Orange wine can be produced from any white wine during the fermentation process and is more typically referred to as skin contact wine. 

Skin contact wines are white wines that are made like red wines. During the wine-making process, the juice is fermented with grape skins. The result? Wine with more body, tannins, and color, just like in red wines, while maintaining its white wine characteristics. 

Depending on the length of time the juice is fermented with the skins, the color can vary, with some getting an orange hue.


Is there a red or pink Chenin Blanc?

There are no true red or pink Chenin Blanc currently available. However, pink Chenin Blanc can be found on the market as a mixture with other wines. For example, Noisy Grape Pink Chenin has a rosy color, but it contains 98% Chenin Blanc with 2% shiraz to obtain its color.

Final Thoughts on Chenin Blanc Colors

Chenin Blanc is an acidic white wine that can have a variety of flavor profiles due to its versatility. It comes in a variety of colors, which can be indicative of flavor profile, ranging from yellow to dark yellow to orange for Chenin Blanc. 

There are no pure red or pink Chenin Blanc, although there are some pink ones on the market that contain a mixture of red wine with Chenin Blanc. 

While the options for Chenin Blanc may overwhelm you, just know that you can’t go wrong with this versatile and delectable wine.