What is Chenin Blanc’s Alcohol Content? It’s Not Exactly What You Think

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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When you buy a bottle of wine, you often look at the description, where it’s from, and its alcohol content. With Chenin Blanc, it has a decent alcohol content. 

So if you’ve been wondering what’s the alcohol content in Chenin Blanc, you’re in luck. In today’s guide, you’ll learn about the alcohol content and how it compares to other wines.


What percent alcohol is Chenin Blanc?

Chenin Blanc averages around 13.5% ABV. However, sometimes it’s as low as 12.5% ABV. This is because it has more body than most white wines out there. Also, because it’s a versatile wine, the drier ones tend to be more alcohol content than the fruitier ones. 

Person's hand holding a glass of white wine - Chenin Blanc’s Alcohol Content.

Is Chenin Blanc considered a strong wine?

Because of the versatility of the grapes, Chenin Blanc can range from being a light-bodied to full-bodied wine. This means, yes, Chenin Blanc can be considered a strong wine.

South Africa is known for producing the strongest Chenin Blancs, where some can be as potent as 14.5%. So if you are looking for a stronger glass of wine to enjoy with your meal, look for wines that are from the South African region. 

Luckily, Chenin Blanc is very versatile as far as the alcohol content is because there is a lower alcohol content in some Chenin Blancs, moderate to strong. So is it the strongest wine out there? 

Unfortunately, no. But it’s strong enough to make a delicious glass of wine when you feel like one.


Which brand of Chenin Blanc has the least & the most alcohol?


Most ABV %


  • Painted Wolf The Den 2017 Chenin Blanc 12.5%
  • Kiona 2018 Columbia Valley Chenin Blanc 12.8%
  • Day Wines 2017 Chenin Blanc 12%
  • South African Chenin Blanc wines 13.5-14.5%


Least ABV %


  • Les Capriades ‘Pet Sec’ Chenin Blanc NV 10.5%
  • SPIER 5.5% CHENIN BLANC 5.5%
  • Fall Creek Vineyards Chenin Blanc Lescalo Texas 2020 9.8%


As you see, there are some high alcohol Chenin Blanc and a few lower ones. The choice is yours when it comes to selecting which one sets the mood for the day.


How Strong Is Chenin Blanc Compared To Other Types Of Wine?


South African wines, as mentioned, can be as strong as 14%. Compared to other wines, it’s one of the strongest wines out there. It is a medium-bodied wine. You can see the small comparison below with other wines. 



Chardonnays usually range from 13-15 %, making it stronger than Chenin Blanc. Unfortunately, it’s also typically much drier.


Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is also another stronger wine by itself, with ABV ranging from 13.5-14.5%. But, again, this is another dry wine.


Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc has nearly the same alcohol content that Chenin Blancs have, which is at 12.5-13.5%. As a result, this wine is most popular in Australia. 



Champagne is usually never higher than 13.5%, no matter where it comes from. So this and Chenin Blanc have the same alcoholic content in them. 



Prosecco typically has ABV lower than 12.5% due to the somewhat sweeter nature that they have. 

As you can see, the Chenin Blanc has a decent amount of alcohol in it. As a result, some wines are weaker than the Chenin Blanc, but you will still be able to enjoy the flavors while having a glass of wine. 

Final Thoughts on Chenin Blanc’s Alcohol Content

Chenin Blanc wines are delicious despite their strong alcohol content. If you want to go for a lower one, you should try the ones that are under 10%. 

The lower ones also have fewer calories, which means less guilt. Either way, there are many options and various alcohol content found in Chenin Blancs for you to discover and enjoy.