How Drinking Chenin Blanc From The Correct Glass Will Enhance The Flavors

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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Glass shape for wine may not seem like the most important factor, but little details like this can really have an impact on your wine experience. 

For example, Chenin Blanc is a very flexible white wine, so the style of Chenin Blanc will affect the type of glass you should choose.

What Kind of Glass Do You Use for Chenin Blanc?

The first decision to consider is should you go with a stemmed or stemless glass. A stemless glass is a good choice if there is a storage restriction, but a stemmed glass is the better overall choice because it prevents heat transference and upholds the integrity of the wine.

Now that we have decided on a stemmed glass – the next decision to consider is whether you should choose a larger, balloon-shaped glass or a smaller bowled-shaped glass. 

The great aspect quality of a Chenin Blanc is that both types of glasses are viable options depending on the style of the Chenin Blanc.

A smaller bowled-shaped glass is a great choice for a more neutral Chenin Blanc, like a dry or off-dry. The major reason being it concentrates the flavors compared to a larger glass.

On the other hand – a balloon-shaped glass is the better choice for a Chenin Blanc that is sweet or sparkling. The larger glass means that the wine can be exposed to more oxygen, and this ultimately makes the wine easier to drink.

If, for instance, a heavier wine is poured into a smaller glass – it is essentially concentrated into a smaller area, and the flavor can be overpowering. However, if a larger glass is used, then you will enjoy the rich flavor without it being too strong.

White wine in a glass near a white balcony wall - Drinking Chenin Blanc From The Correct Glass

Glasses to Avoid When Drinking Chenin Blanc

Unless absolutely necessary – a stemless glass should be avoided because of the heat transference issue discussed earlier.

Another major style of glass that should be avoided are goblets. If you have ever looked at a stemless or stemmed glass – you may have noticed that they taper.

This tapered style is not just for aesthetic purposes – it actually helps to contain the aroma so that you can not only swirl the wine to smell it, but you can also have the best taste experience because of the distribution of the wine.

Cleaning Chenin Blanc Wine Glasses

There are several different ways to clean a Chenin Blanc wine glass! We will discuss the simpler ways that will do the trick, but we will also delve into the more advanced techniques.

The first way to clean a Chenin wine glass is to hand wash the glass with a sponge and unscented soap. The second method is to wash glasses in the dishwasher, and it is useful if there are more glasses and you are short on time.

Keeping in mind these two cleaning methods is that they may not be the best if your glassware is fragile.

If your Chenin Blanc glasses are fragile – an alternative method would be to use wands or brushes. Wands and brushes are designed to deep clean your glasses while not being as rough on them as hand washing or dishwashing. 

When cleaning your Chenin Blanc glasses, the last thing to consider is whether to air-dry or hand-dry them. 

Air-drying is convenient but may leave spots on your glasses, so it is recommended to hand-dry your glasses carefully to avoid breaks and keep them in the best possible condition.

Is there anything special I should do to the glass before I enjoy my wine?

The first thing you should do is to make sure you have the right glass for your wine! Then, use some of the tips discussed earlier to find the best fit.

The next step is to make sure you pour the right amount of wine. You do not want to overfill your glass so that you are unable to swirl, and you do not want to pour too little because you will over oxygenate it.

Something you may have seen or heard about but maybe wondered why this is done is the swirl before you take a sip. The reason you should swirl your wine is to oxygenate it and bring out the flavor.

Final Thoughts on Chenin Blanc Glass

Picking the right glass for your Chenin Blanc is an important aspect for a variety of reasons! First, you will start to notice that the right glass brings out the flavor compared to other glasses you have used before.

Generally, a smaller bowl-shaped glass is the best choice for Chenin Blanc, but that does not necessarily mean it is always the right choice. Depending on the style – a larger glass might be the better option.

The best way to see the difference is to try it yourself! The more you learn about the relationship between wine and glasses, the better your experience will be.