Cheese Pairings with Greco di Tufo

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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With cheese pairing, there are endless possibilities. But finding the right combination of flavors can be a challenge. So if you’re looking for a wine that will enhance the cheese pairing, reach for a bottle of Greco di Tufo and discover which one pairs well with this wine.


Which Cheese is Greco di Tufo Wine Paired With?

Greco di Tufo is a delicate wine. Therefore, it pairs well with cheese such as:


Pecorino Romano

The tart, buttery taste of this cheese complements the dry, crisp flavor of Greco di Tufo. It also goes well with sharp cheeses like cheddar and parmesan.



Greco di Tufo’s acidic taste goes very well with mozzarella’s creamy notes. Parmesan or Ricotta works well too, but remember to serve them at room temperature for the best flavor profile.

Two glasses of wine with some cheese on a white table - Cheese Pairings with Greco di Tufo.

Why is Soft Cheese Paired Best with Greco di Tufo?

There are many factors that go into why soft cheese pairs best with Greco di Tufo. First, the acidity in Greco di Tufo helps balance the cheese’s richness. The cheese’s mellow flavor allows the wine’s subtle fruit flavors to shine through.

Finally, the wine’s light body ensures that it doesn’t overwhelm the delicate cheese. All of these characteristics come together to create a perfect pairing that is sure to delight your taste buds.

So next time you’re planning a cheese plate, be sure to include some Greco di Tufo to enjoy with your soft cheese.


What Cheese is Paired Traditionally with Greco di Tufo?

Traditionally, Buffalo Mozzarella is paired with Greco di Tufo. It’s a soft cheese that has just enough flavor to enjoy with the boldness of Greco di Tufo.

It does not overwhelm the wine, which is important. Buffalo Mozzarella is worth hunting for, as it is found in some grocery stores and specialty stores.


What Cheese Should You Not Pair Greco di Tufo With?

With cheese, there are no set rules. I mean, who doesn’t love a good cheese plate? However, there are some cheeses that just don’t pair well with Greco di Tufo.

Here are three that you should avoid:


  • Gorgonzola: This sharp, pungent cheese is just too much for the delicate flavors of Greco di Tufo
  • Brie: This rich, creamy cheese can overwhelm the delicate flavors of the wine
  • Camembert: This soft, earthy cheese can also overwhelm the wine


As you see, these cheeses can overwhelm this wine. Remember, the wine is supposed to be the star of the show, with the cheese being its supporting act. Now you know why you should avoid these cheeses. Do select cheese that goes well with this bold wine!


Why is Mozzarella the Best Cheese to Pair with Greco di Tufo Wine?

There are many reasons Mozzarella is the best cheese to pair with Greco di Tufo wine. For one, Mozzarella’s mild and slightly sweet flavor pairs well with the citrus notes of Greco di Tufo.

The creamy texture of mozzarella helps to balance the acidity of the wine. Finally, Mozzarella is a versatile cheese that can be used in a variety of dishes, making it an ideal accompaniment to Greco di Tufo wine.

Whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine on its own or pairing it with a delicious meal, mozzarella is the perfect cheese to enjoy with Greco di Tufo.

Final Thoughts on Cheese Pairings with Greco di Tufo

Cheese and Greco di Tufo go very well together. The next time you do a pairing, ensure that the cheese is at room temperature and the wine is chilled. Now, go enjoy some cheeses we’ve mentioned in this guide with a glass of Greco di Tufo!