Chardonnay’s Calories Can Fool You. Don’t Be Deceived!

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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When it comes to counting calories, it’s hard to determine the right amount of calories, especially when it comes to alcoholic beverages. This is mostly because the calorie count is not listed directly on the bottle like most of our foods and drinks. 

There are good estimates of the foods and drinks we consume when logging and counting calories. We can thank technology for introducing weight loss and diet-based apps to the world. 

Using an app is more simple than reading an article. So, most apps simply allow you to enter what you’re eating and drinking for your meals and snacks. Then the app automatically adds and tracks the food you’re consuming and the calories you’re burning throughout the day. Noom is a great example of an app used to count calories.

2 glasses of Chardonnay - Its Calories Can Fool You. Don't Be Deceived!

Ready to have a glass of Chardonnay but need to count calories?

If you’re looking to count your calories when consuming your favorite Chardonnay, it’s important to know how much you plan to consume. This will ultimately assist you in the calorie counting process and also allow you to consider how much you might want to limit yourself to. 

Looking at articles like these can give you an average idea of how many calories you’re consuming per glass of Chardonnay. However, it’s important to note that actual calorie counting is not as accurate as it may seem. 

Calorie counts that are even enlisted on your food and beverage packaging can be incorrect. It’s important to never take it too seriously. Even the calories we are burning throughout the day might not line up with how many calories we are consuming daily. 

How many calories are in a glass of Chardonnay?

In a glass of Chardonnay, specifically 5 fluid ounces (147g), there’s an estimate of 123 calories in the beverage. That information is sourced directly from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). 

However, if you’re looking into a larger serving, such as an 8 fluid ounce glass of Chardonnay, you’re looking at an estimated 190 calories. As you might guess, the larger the serving, the more the calories. 

Calories present in white wines like Chardonnay are considered to be ’empty calories.’ This simply means they have no nutritional value.

How many calories are in a 750ml bottle of Chardonnay?

Considering there’s an average of 25 calories per one ounce of white wine, one full bottle (750ml) would contain an estimate of 635 calories. However, do note that other wines out there contain significantly fewer calories per bottle. 

It’s recommended not to consume an entire bottle of Chardonnay in one sitting. However, if you’re planning on cracking open a bottle for your dinner party, you’ll know roughly how many calories your guests are consuming in their servings.

Will Chardonnay make you fat or gain weight?

When limiting your portions, Chardonnay may help with weight loss, but that’s not the only benefit. Chardonnay can also help maintain cholesterol and control diabetes. Before you start thinking that the Chardonnay in your pantry is a magic potion to make you skinny and keep you healthy, allow us to explain the actual science behind it.

The grape seeds found specifically in grapes used to create your Chardonnay were recently found in a study to contain the highest content of flavonoids and antioxidants of any other grape examined. These elements or compounds are known to assist with weight loss, cholesterol, and diabetes. Magic? Maybe, but we think it’s just nature.

Final Thoughts on Calories in Chardonnay

Chardonnay and any other white wines are known to contain what we call ’empty calories,’ meaning that although the calories have no nutritional value, we can still count them. For example, an 8fl oz glass of Chardonnay contains an estimate of 190 calories, while a 750ml bottle contains roughly 600-635 calories. 

Chardonnay is known to help with weight loss and other health benefits when correctly portioned. Please don’t go drink the whole bottle in one sitting! Instead, share it with your guests, and cook with it!