Chardonnay Glass

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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If you’re looking to improve proper etiquette when choosing the right glassware for a Chardonnay, the search ends now! 

Choosing the right glass can be difficult. They all look the same, right? What’s the difference? 

Let’s begin with briefly analyzing the glasses. The main difference to look for when distinguishing between a red vs. white wine glass is the bowls that hold the wine. Small proportioned bowls are typically for white wines, while glasses for red wine have much larger bowls.

A Chardonnay Glass

Larger bowls on wine glasses allow more aeration for the wine they hold. However, red wines require more aeration than white wine would. Therefore, these wine glasses are made for red wine. Wine glasses with skinnier bowls are made for white wines because they don’t allow for too much aeration. Aeration overall will adjust the following characteristics of your wine:

  • taste
  • aroma
  • color

The purpose of different wine glasses is to protect your beverage depending on the type of wine.

Glasses to avoid when drinking Chardonnay

When looking for glassware to hold a Chardonnay, it’s best to avoid glasses that have the following characteristics.

  • Glassware with short stems: these are made to hold red wines.
  • Glassware with larger, more round bowls are created to assist in aerating red wines.

Following those two guidelines are the main rules of the wine enthusiast, this doesn’t mean you have to follow them, however. On the contrary, it is recommended because choosing the right glass will allow you to enjoy your wine of choice to its fullest potential. 

Cleaning Chardonnay wine glasses

There are plenty of tricks to follow when keeping any wine glassware in general clean and up to standards. These, unfortunately, do not include a dishwasher, so let’s eliminate that completely in the meantime.

To keep your wine glasses clean, immediately wash after use to avoid any wine stains (specifically with red wine). Then, fill your sink or a container of choice with three parts warm vinegar and two parts warm water, and leave your glassware to soak for at least an hour. 

Utilize a scrub brush specifically made for glassware to remove any leftover wine film or residue. The best glassware brushes are made of nylon or plastic fibrous material. Rinse the freshly scrubbed glassware under hot water before drying with a towel that is made of lint-free material. These are also sold on the market, made specifically for this reason. Once dry, simply place your glasses back into their home or designated storage space.

Is there anything special I should do to the glass before I enjoy my wine?

You can do one thing with your glasses before enjoying your wine (especially white wine like Chardonnay). This would be to chill the glasses before serving the beverage. 

Chilling the glass will allow a maintained temperature for any wine. However, the practice is better utilized for white wine. This is because white wine is not as full-bodied as a red and is more susceptible to an ever-changing warmer temperature. Warm temperatures in any wine will change the taste, which is the last thing an aspiring wine enthusiast wants for their guests.


When in search of the perfect wine glassware for Chardonnay, it is important to look for taller skinnier wine glasses. These are perfect for white wines because they don’t allow much aeration. Glasses with shorter stems and rounder bowls are more made for red wines, which need more aeration to develop their flavors.

Cleaning your glasses with warm water and vinegar is the best practice you use when trying to keep them clean. For a better experience, chill your wine glass before use. This will ensure a maintainable temperature for a longer period when serving, specifically a white wine. This practice benefits red wine also but is more introduced for white wine.