What Is The Best Red Wine To Pair With Beef Stroganoff ?

Beef Stroganoff is a dish of Russian origin, where sauteed pieces of beef are served in a rich, creamy sauce. The sauce consists of beef broth seasoned with mustard and sour cream. This dish is popular worldwide and varies in its method of preparation. The meat can be diced, cubed, or sliced. Mushrooms, onions, and… Continue reading What Is The Best Red Wine To Pair With Beef Stroganoff ?

White Wines Cause Headaches

Wine can be a healthy addition to your diet. However, sometimes that delicious wine may be too delicious to limit. Nobody likes the ill effects of drinking too much.  Excessive alcohol consumption leads to dehydration. This is the main reason we get headaches after drinking too much alcohol.  Other reasons possibly include tannins, histamine, or… Continue reading White Wines Cause Headaches

Wine Bad, Cork Stained

So you’ve just opened your favorite red, and maybe the cork crumbled too easily for your liking, or maybe the wine cork has an odd color, texture, and smell. What does this mean for the viability of your wine? Let’s explore all the possibilities of a ‘corked’ wine.   Can you drink wine with a… Continue reading Wine Bad, Cork Stained

Wine Pair Osso Buco

Northern Italy is one of the world’s food and wine capitals. Osso buco is a dish from the region of Lombardy which perfectly captures the essence of Northern Italy.  What makes this dish so rich is the sauce. Cuts of veal shanks are browned and stewed in bone marrow broth, rich vegetables, and white wine.… Continue reading Wine Pair Osso Buco

Wine Pairing Antipasto Platter

Antipasto platters are a perfect way to prepare for a coming meal. The arrangement of Italian meats, vegetables, cheese, and bread makes the perfect companion for a nice bottle of wine. When making a pairing of wine with an antipasto platter, it is important to remember that the wine will affect the flavors in the… Continue reading Wine Pairing Antipasto Platter

Wine Region North Bordeaux

Bordeaux is where many fine wine drinkers begin. Its rich and savory red wines, luscious dry whites, and sweet dessert wines charm people the world over.  The region competes with Burgundy as a producer of the world’s most expensive wines. Fortunately for wine drinkers, many excellent wines from this region are affordable and easy to… Continue reading Wine Region North Bordeaux