There’s More To Blanc de Noirs’ Meaning Than You Think!

Last Updated on August 1st, 2023

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We often wonder about the meaning of a wine’s name, especially when it’s not the native language of the person questioned. What does it mean? Where did this name even come from in the first place? Let’s get into the meaning and origin of Blanc de Noirs.


What’s the difference between the definition and meaning of Blanc de Noir?

The definition of Blanc de Noir is pretty simple, being a white wine created from dark wine grapes (red, blue, or near black in color). The definition of the wine itself is the exact meaning, something you’ll find in a dictionary. 

Whereas the meaning of the wine offers more explanation than the definition might have to offer. Let’s put the English lesson aside and talk more about the meaning of Blanc de Noir, with some extra information regarding its context!

Two wine glasses - Blanc de Noirs' Meaning.

What does de Blanc mean in wine?

When translated from its native language, de Blanc has two different parts of its meaning. Blanc means white, and de usually means ‘of’ – de blanc ultimately means ‘of white.’ 

So putting these pieces together in the English language will ultimately have a meaning along the lines of ‘white of black’ – with noir meaning black. 

Within our wine lingo, the phrase itself is ultimately just a vague description of the wine. Blanc de Noir is a foreign way of saying what we could say in English as white wine made of black (or dark) wine grapes. 


Why is the wine named Blanc de Noirs?

The wine gets its name, Blanc de Noirs, from the white wine being produced from dark grapes. If the wine is made from dark grapes, shouldn’t it be a red wine instead? 

When the skins of these dark grapes are separated as soon as possible before the fermentation process, the wine remains white in color despite being made from dark grapes.

Our wine typically gets its red colors due to the pigments of the grape skins themselves. So, yes, most red wines are made with this natural pigmentation. However, it’s important to note that there are – very few wines on the market that have added artificial dyes in them. 

You may even find that wines that have higher quality won’t contain these added dyes. Compared to cheaper, poor-quality wines on the market that might have added dye that’s known to discolor your teeth!


What does Blanc De Noirs’ name originate from?

The name of the wine originates from the region that provides the world with only 16% of its wine, France! With blanc meaning white and noir meaning black in French, this wine type is self-explanatory within its native language. 

Final thoughts on the meaning of Blanc de Noir

The definition of Blanc de Noirs is a white wine created from dark grapes. However, the meaning can translate from Blanc de Noirs to ‘white of black’ in French. Meaning that it’s a white wine made from dark or black wine grapes!